Did you hire a home improvement professional in 2015? Whether you needed a new roof, some handiwork done around the home, landscaping, or new interior paint, you know that a professional can help you check your home projects off your to-do list.

Every day Porch helps connect homeowners to home professionals. We wanted to take a close look at the top requested home improvement professionals in 2015 to find out what types of professionals (and projects) homeowners needed done most.  Of the 25 cities we looked at, 19 listed “handyman” in the number one most-searched for home professional. Handymen were so popular that they showed up in the top five most requested professional types in all but three states. Why are handymen so popular? It could be that that handymen are called upon to do a wide variety of tasks like hanging doors, minor repair work or done-in-a-day projects. They are often an affordable means to complete a project or task around the home that you don’t have time to do or don’t know how to do yourself.

It’s not surprising that plumbers, painters and electricians were also popular among these 25 cities. Plumbers and electricians perform important tasks that help keep our homes functioning properly. This type of work is best done by someone who is licensed to do the work, as mistakes can seriously cause damage or harm. Despite the fact that painting is considered a fairly non-technical DIY project, many homeowners simply have large painting projects to tackle or find that a professional painter does a better (and often faster) job of painting.

Before you hire a professional, take a look at our articles about how to work with a pro.

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