Are you thinking about switching up your landscape this year? Even though it’s still cold out, right now is the right time to start thinking about what you want your landscape to look like in the summer.

These ten dream pools are perfect inspiration for the perfect landscape makeover. Take a look, and if you end up sipping margaritas in your underwater bar this summer, don’t worry: you can thank us later.

1. Five-star luxury

A sheltering cabana and an underwater bar make this jumbo pool worthy of a five-star resort.

2. Fresh and sunny

This small and simple pool freshens up the palette of this modern home with a pop of bright aqua blue.

3. Mediterranean resort

If you can’t go back in time and live like Roman royalty, do the next best thing, and get this villa-style pool in your backyard.

4. Natural splendor

Nothing beats a beautiful woodland pool after an invigorating hike , except when the pool’s in your backyard, the hike is from your living room, and you’ve got a refreshing drink in your hand.

5. Spa retreat

Double up with a swimming pool and spa for the ultimate summer retreat in your backyard.

6. Family fun

The kids want you to take them to the water park, and you’d rather hang out and grill. Meet your perfect pool, complete with a theme park-worthy slide.

7. Fire and water

This relaxing lap pool, flanked by a fire pit and an outdoor living room with a fireplace, is the perfect place to entertain friends on a summer night.

8. Stargazing pool

Stars above, stars below. With this stargazing pool, you’ll never be short of dreamy views.

9. Full circle

Think outside of the box: A pool that matches the curve of your property can be an innovative and beautiful way to define the space and accentuate a beautiful view.

10. Castle lagoon

If you’ve got a castle, you’ve got to have a moat. Make sure yours is the kind that’s lovely, blue, and warm even at night.

Could you see any of these pools in your backyard? Which is your favorite?