For years, people talked about having special game rooms and “man caves,” while women were often left stuck inside the home. Now, “she sheds” are a popular way for women of all ages to enjoy their very own private getaway right in their backyards. You may hear she sheds called by other names like a “woman cave” or “diva den,” too. No matter what you call these awesome structures, you can design your own with some of our easy and helpful tips. Adding one of these super cool she sheds to your backyard gives you a private space to read, meditate, work on arts and crafts, and much more. It’s a great addition to your home that will give you privacy, peace of mind, and a higher property value. This guide will show you how to design your very own she shed so that you can enjoy a private retreat right at home.


How to Buy, Refurbish, or Build Your Backyard She Shed from Scratch

Before you can enjoy your new backyard room, you’ll want to decide whether to build one from scratch, refurb an existing shed, or buy a prefabricated building. Here are a few tips for each method to help you determine which one is best for you.

DIY it: If you decide to build your she shed from scratch, consider whether you want to do it completely by yourself or hire a contractor to help you. It will cost more for a contractor, but you will also have peace of mind knowing it’s built right. If you do decide to DIY your she shed, you’ll need a few tools and materials, including a foundation or floor made of wood or concrete, plenty of lumber, siding, roofing materials like shingles, and doors and windows. To build your she shed, you’ll need to be handy with a saw, nails and a hammer, and a nail gun. If you prefer a metal shed, it’s a bit easier to put together but may cost a bit more to complete since metal sheeting tends to cost more than lumber. If you live in a humid area or a place that gets a lot of rain, metal sheds can rust more quickly than in dry areas. Make sure that your she shed is weatherproof and well-insulated to enjoy it year-round. A properly installed roof also protects your she shed from the elements.

Buy a pre-built she shed: Opting to buy a pre-built shed will cost you more, but it will also save you tons of time and energy. You can find pre-made sheds at many major home improvement stores and specialized retailers; the shed cost can vary depending on several factors. Most companies will deliver the shed right to your backyard, but you’ll need to ensure that the area is easy to access, cleared out, and leveled. You might also have to provide the floor or foundation yourself or put the shed on top of wooden or concrete blocks before it’s installed. Simply shop around and compare sizes and prices, schedule your delivery, and get ready to enjoy your brand-new she shed wherever you choose.

Refurbish your existing backyard shed: If you already have an outdoor building or shed in your backyard, consider refurbishing it to transform it into your own dream getaway space. Always start by addressing any issues you see and make necessary repairs first. You can paint the exterior a new color or add some vinyl siding to get a fresh look. Make sure the existing shed is in good shape and properly insulated. Install new windows and a new door to help keep the contents sealed and protected. Once you’re ready to customize it, you can add all of the extra goodies you need to make it personal to you.


Designate Your She Shed’s Purpose

How you choose to use your new she shed will determine how to decorate it and what you want to add to it. Here are a few suggestions to help you define the purpose of your new she shed.

Garden shed: Use your she shed for gardening, cultivating, and planting. Add some pots and planters, bags of dirt, and gardening tools. Hang your gardening gloves and hat from some hooks to have easy access to them when you need them.

Workout shed: From cardio to weightlifting, transform your shed into your own personal gym. Consider installing rubber flooring that can handle heavy-duty activities and workout equipment. You can also add pilates mats and bring in some free weights, a stationary bike, or whatever workout gear you prefer.

Crafting shed: Whether your passion is jewelry making, knitting, sewing, or scrapbooking, set up your she shed to be a private crafting space. Bring in your sewing machine or a large table to work on. Organize all of your arts and crafts supplies on shelving in separate bins with labels, so everything is easy to find.

Collector’s shed: If you’re into collecting, use your she shed to store and showcase your favorite figurines, pieces of pottery, dolls, vinyl or records, and more.

Writing/art studio shed: Whether you’re a writer or artist, set up your she shed to be a place for a creative retreat. Bring in a desk, chair, typewriter, or a large easel where you can create paintings. If you’re into sculpting, equip it with a potter’s wheel, buckets of clay, and sculpting tools.

Party shed: Design your she shed for entertaining by adding comfortable furniture and a flatscreen TV. A mini-fridge is a great way to have cold drinks ready for your friends whenever they come over to hang out in the backyard.

Zen den: Give your she shed a calm, tranquil feel with some scented candles, meditation beads, and sculptures. A beautiful Buddha fountain or some incense are other excellent things to add to your relaxing Zen den so you can meditate and melt your cares away.


Setting up, Equipping, and Decorating Your New She Shed

Once your she shed is in place and you know what you want to use it for, there are a few important things to do so that it’s ready to enjoy.

Clean out the old backyard shed: If you’re refurbishing or repurposing, make sure that you completely clean out the shed first. Remove all old items, sweep the floors, and do a general all-around cleaning before you work on restoring it and refilling it with the things you want.

Paint it: If the shed looks worse for wear, a fresh coat of paint can make it look brand-new. Always use exterior-rated paint that can handle the weather and won’t chip, peel, or fade in the sun.

Heat or cool your shed: It might get hot in your she shed in the summer and cold in the winter. A window unit should work great for cooling, while a small space heater should be enough to keep it warm. The key is to ensure that you have good insulation and plenty of windows. The windows will let sunlight in to keep it warm, and you can open them during the spring and summer to enjoy the breeze and get more ventilation.

Choose the right lighting: Task lighting like floor and table lamps are perfect for a she shed. Install at least one main overhead light fixture (try a chandelier or pendant light) to see clearly any time you go inside. Add some blinds or curtains to the windows for privacy but keep them open whenever you need more light.

Furnish your shed: Comfortable seating is important, so add a comfy couch, chair, or loveseat. A quality table is also important, especially if you’re using the shed to write or work on arts and crafts. Install some wall shelves and hooks to help you keep things neat and organized. Bins with labels are a great way to separate and organize smaller items.

Equip your shed according to its purpose: The way you equip your she shed will depend on how you plan to use it:

  • Exercise equipment, weight benches, and smaller items like jump ropes and yoga gear are great for a workout shed.
  • Pottery wheels, paints and canvases, brushes, easels, a sewing machine or desk, and lots of art supplies should be added to your arts and crafts or writing studio.
  • Use sturdy wood or metal shelving to hold onto heavy pots and dirt if you’re using the shed for gardening. Large wall hooks can hold onto your gardening gear like shovels, rakes, and other equipment.
  • Good temperature and moisture control are imperative if you’re designing a collector’s shed. Always display your items inside of a glass case or something with doors so that your valuables stay safe from dust, debris, and pests.
  • If you use your shed for meditation, consider adding some wireless surround sound speakers so you can listen to relaxing music. This is also great for practically every other type of she shed as well.
  • Mount your TV on the shed wall and include some comfy couches if you’re using it for entertaining. A nice area rug will also make your shed feel warm and inviting for guests.

Decorate it: Elevate your shed with a range of unique decorative items. Incorporate some nature by adding a few plants and small trees to the shed. Look for special objects like custom artwork or cool sculptures that you find at flea markets or vintage stores. The key is to customize your she shed to your own liking and to give it a touch of playful personality.

Other things to consider: Are you planning to work in your she shed and if so, will you need an Internet connection? Or will no tech be allowed so that you can relax and “unplug?” If you’re planning to play music, consider adding some soundproofing to keep noise to a minimum. Depending on where you live, you’ll also want to add insulation to keep your shed comfortable. Consider hiring a handyman near you to help you with the setup of your new shed. Make sure that you consider all of the details and to properly store everything so that your new shed is precisely the way you want it to be.


Always remember that relaxation shouldn’t be a luxury. Designing a DIY budget shed or refurbishing your existing one is a good option if you don’t know where to start. Everyone deserves a little bit of peace and quiet and a comfortable space to work, practice a hobby, work out, or enjoy other activities you love. Creating a she shed is a wonderful way for women to have a special room of their own. Plan your shed in advance and think about the details mentioned in this guide to help you create the perfect getaway space right in your own backyard.