Wallpaper is the bad boy of the interior design world: it’s flashy, it’s attractive, and we’re all a little bit scared of it.

But no matter what you’ve heard about wallpaper’s bad reputation, these twelve rooms will make you change your mind. As sinful as wallpaper is, its presence adds texture, dimension, and personality that just can’t be had with paint. In small alcoves or grand entryways, whether it’s bright and modern or classic and neutral, papering a room’s walls is a surefire way to make it stunning.

Take a look at these rooms for some wallpaper inspiration. No matter how much you hate wallpaper, we bet these pictures will make you love it again.

1. Woodland Dining Room

This black and white wallpaper, made to look like a birch forest, pulls the eye beyond the boundaries of the small room and makes it feel airy and expansive. The neutral palette plays up the rest of the room’s tropical tones.

Benco Construction - woodland kitchenProject completed by Benco Construction

2. New Victorian

A wallpapered room can look solid and traditional, fresh and stylish, poppy and unified, all at the same time. This bedroom’s black and white wallpaper calls to mind Victorian silhouette portraiture, and complements the apartment’s new traditional style.

Coburn Architects PC - black and white bedroomProject completed by Coburn Architects PC 

3. Atomic Greys

A grey and white palette neutralizes this atomic kitchen, allowing the bright midcentury décor to pop. The same wallpaper applied throughout the room unifies the diverse styles and periods of the rest of the décor.

Fanuka, Inc. - atomic kitchenProject completed by Fanuka, Inc. 

4. Tropical Stairwell

This stairwell’s small space seems to float open with the addition of a pretty, large-print wallpaper. Vermillion blooms set among the pale yellow and taupe motif keep the eye entertained.

Benco Construction - citrus hallwayProject completed by Benco Construction

5. True Romance

This small bathroom could be drab and claustrophobic, but its ornate and colorful wallpaper, combined with a painted porcelain bowl sink and a carved wooden mirror, make it fun, fancy, and unbelievably sweet.

Corley David Interior Designs - dutch bathroomProject completed by Corley David Interior Designs

6. Pretty Powder Room

Birds and butterflies in bright hues adorn the walls of this pretty powder room, giving the space delicate depth. Glossy black trim plays up the dimensions, while a mirrored vanity and a reflective pendant lamp make the light shine even brighter.

Fanuka, Inc. - butterfly bathroom

Project completed by Fanuka, Inc. 

7. Wild Washroom

No more mild mauve florals: today’s wallpapers are wild at heart and not afraid to make a statement. This bathroom goes bold with a motif of black and white zebras and flying arrows on a field of primary red.

Graciela Rutkowski Interiors - red bathroomProject completed by Graciela Rutkowski Interiors

8. Golden Blossoms

Patterned walls give vintage looks new grace. These graphic walls in grey, black, and saffron are a nod to the 1970’s without veering into flower child territory.

Hyde Evans Design - sepia bathroomProject completed by Hyde Evans Design

9. Eye-Catching Entryway

Wallpaper’s graphic patterns can help separate one space from the next in a small abode. Elevate your entryway with a few sheets of gorgeous paper to delineate the area and define your home’s greater style.

PorterFanna Architecture - deco entrywayProject completed by PorterFanna Architecture

10. Pattern Play

Bright walls and contrasting patterns can transform a non-space into one of your home’s most attractive rooms. Bold red-and-white toile walls, plus a chevron-patterned parquet floor, make this hallway hard to just pass through.

Coburn Architects PC - red hallwayProject completed by Coburn Architects PC 

11. Grand Entrance

Traditional wallpaper gets a new twist in contemporary interiors that poke fun at the stuffiness of the past. Delicate damask gives this grand foyer a traditional, yet cheeky, feel.

Siemasko + Verbridge - grand patterned entrywayProject completed by Siemasko + Verbridge

12. Magnificent Mudroom

A mudroom’s small, enclosed space is the perfect place to whet your whistle with wallpaper. Try out fun patterns that complement floors and furniture for a room that stays bright even when skies are grey.

Siemasko + Verbridge - yellow nautical mudroomProject completed by Siemasko + Verbridge

Top Image Credit: Coburn Architects PC 

What do you think: would you take a chance and paper a room in your home, despite wallpaper’s bad reputation?