Each month, we ask some of our favorite bloggers to participate in our Love Your Home series by sharing the favorite memories, favorite spaces, and “happy places” in their homes. Take a look at these bloggers’ real spaces for some inspiration of your own.

1. DIY Huntress

We’re all about projects like painting and papercrafting. But Sam of DIY Huntress takes her DIY game a step further, teaching her readers to build things on their own that ordinary mortals might never dare to take on single-handed. With her trusty Skilsaw and some creativity, Sam is creating her home on her own terms—and it’s truly awesome.

We often get so comfortable in our spaces that we forget to take time to remember why we love them so much. I couldn’t imagine being without my multi-use backyard. I mean, who wouldn’t want a workshop, yoga studio, puppy park, campsite, and outdoor eating space all in one?

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2. Stephanie White

Stephanie White’s lifestyle blog is all about glamorous home décor and style that inspires, and the happy place that she chose to share with us does not disappoint. With its clean lines, pink orchid, and Parisian flair, Stephanie’s workspace is an enviable place to get creative.

Ever since I was young child art was my favorite hobby, and I dreamed of working as illustrator or art teacher. Yet, up until I owned my first home I never had my own art room, so it is a luxury I cherish as I now have a space devoted to my passion, which also happens to be where I work full time blogging and doing DIY projects. 

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3. Gray House Studio

It’s pretty hard to start any description of Gray House Studio with anything other than a big, enthusiastic wow! Brent and Courtney’s amazing home transformations are nothing short of proof that a team with a vision can accomplish death-defying things—and their interactive home tour map, which shows you before-and-afters, to-do-lists, and progress pics room by room, is a must-see.

Brent and I were paired up to work together on design projects as interns in high school and since then we have found that we are at our most happy when we are able to make, build and design things together….The process of dreaming up ideas for our home, bringing those ideas to life and then enjoying the spaces together is what we love most about our home.

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4. Inspiration for Moms

After becoming a stay-at-home mom, Laura of Inspiration for Moms became inspired to start a blog to help moms like herself connect, learn, and empower themselves to live better lives. Inspiration for Moms is filled with DIY tutorials, room makeovers, recipes, advice, and all sorts of things that make life as a mom easier and more fun.

When Porch.com asked me to participate in their Love Your Home series and share my favorite place in our home I was thrilled. I knew instantly what space I would pick. My son’s bedroom will always have a special place in my heart….Once the room was completed, I loved seeing my little man enjoying it. All the hard work, the time and money spent creating this special place was totally worth it.

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5. Addicted to DIY

“Eat, Sleep, DIY” is the motto that Katie of Addicted to DIY lives by, and her blog is testament to her creativity. Addicted to DIY is your source for projects to pretty up your home—from sweet tea trays, to woodburned art, to trash-into-treasure strokes of genius, Addicted to DIY’s got making a house into a home covered.

We’ve been slowly remodeling our home since we bought it over four years ago, and I’d never really stopped to pick a place that truly made me happiest.  The last year has been the biggest year of change for us and it has also been the time that I finally found my happy place….I have always loved the idea of a big arm chair to relax in, so a cozy reading corner was a must for me.  Here, I can sip my morning coffee or have a glass of wine in the evenings and just relax with my favorite magazine or book.

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Top Image Credit: DIY Huntress

What’s your home’s happy place? Tell us (or show us!) in the comments!