Doing your own DIY home projects is a great way to learn new skills, save money, and have fun creating something unique. Whether you want to add a simple feature to a room or do a total makeover, the possibilities are endless. We’ve gathered some excellent tips from some of the best design experts in the DIY field today. These projects will help you organize your space, brighten up your kitchen, create your own DIY light fixture, and more. Check out our list of tips for DIY home projects from these experts that anyone can try so that you can begin your next project today.


HOME Shelf from A Crafty Mix

Design expert Michelle from the A Crafty Mix blog shows you how to create your very own wall shelf in the shape of the word “HOME.” Using wooden pallets, all you need to do is take some measurements, make some cuts, and put your shelf together. Once your shelf is assembled, you’ll sand it down to a smooth surface, then paint it your desired color. This is not only one of our favorite DIY home projects to try, but it’s also easy and fun. Get creative and make a shelf that spells out some other different words to add a fun look to your space.


Organize Your Garage with Liz Jenkins

Learn how to organize your garage easily with Liz Jenkins from A Fresh Space. This blog gives you easy, creative ideas that will make garage organization a breeze. Staying organized is one of the best DIY home projects you can do, and it’s a great way to help you feel inspired to try other new projects, too. Visit Liz’s blog to learn how you can separate items by type, get rid of clutter, and much more. You’ll get helpful tips and clear photographs showing you the best ways to refresh your garage and keep everything in its place.


Design a Creative Kid’s Playroom

Design blogger and expert Shruti Acharya from Artsy Craftsy Mom shows you how to design a unique and creative kid’s playroom. This helpful blog offers several fun ideas and provides the foundation that will inspire you to create something unique. The playroom post focuses on design fundamentals, including the layout, flooring, furniture, organization, and dedicated spaces. These five tips will help you come up with a fabulous playroom your kids will love. Be sure to visit Artsy Craftsy Mom for a wide range of fun, unique DIY home projects and crafts that you can do on your own and with your kids, too.


Elevate with a DIY Moroccan Tile Vinyl Floor

The design experts Lauren and Robert from Bless’er House have some amazing DIY home project tips. Check out their blog on how to design your own custom DIY Moroccan tile flooring using vinyl tiles. This is a great way to save money and enjoy the beauty of authentic Moroccan tiles without the high price tag and expert installation. Follow their step-by-step guide, and you’ll have a stunning floor that’s easy to do. Not only will it cost less, but it also takes a lot less time and labor. These experts also have a five-day free course to teach you the secrets of professional designers.


Make Your Own Pendant Lamp with Jungalow

Popular designer Justina Blakeney from Jungalow has some creative tips to show you how to make your very own pendant lamp from a bamboo hat. This awesome guide shows you how to make a beautiful lamp using just a few simple items for a beautiful addition to any space. Pick out some fringe in different colors and lengths and follow Justina’s instructions so you can make your own beautiful light. With just a few items and a little time, you should be able to complete this amazing DIY home project in just about 30 minutes or less.


Build a Bathroom Light Fixture with Chic on a Shoestring

Design-pro Kate offers you a myriad of ways to elevate your home on a budget. Her blog Chic on a Shoestring is full of helpful advice for a range of DIY home projects. Try her tutorial about how to build a bathroom light fixture using some wood and simple fixtures. There are plenty of other amazing projects to explore, including ideas for decorating a fireplace, travel tips, and lifestyle advice. Her blog has a range of unique and creative posts varying from DIY projects and décor advice to paint color consults and more.


Design Custom Layered Wainscotting with Chris and Julia

Partners Chris and Julia have lots of amazing DIY home projects you can try yourself. This awesome couple is working to create the home they’ve always wanted by performing a range of projects that they do themselves, taking the reader along for the ride. This DIY custom-layered wainscotting project shows you how to install your very own wainscotting in any room. Follow their step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be able to completely transform your home’s look on a budget. You can keep track of Chris and Julia’s adventures by following their blog to see what other creative ideas they come up with.


Create a DIY Table with Hairpin Legs

The Crafty Chica, AKA Kathy Cano-Murillo, shows you how you can turn almost anything into an awesome table with hairpin legs. Follow this helpful post to learn how you can transform almost anything around your home into a beautiful, usable table. You’ll also get creative ideas to use techniques like painting and rub-on decals to design a unique table that’s all your own. Her blog also features a variety of other awesome DIY home projects to help you get inspired to make an array of handcrafted items for your home.


Make a Boho DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

Be sure to check out Nicole’s blog, Dear Handmade Life, to get expert tips for your DIY home projects. Her tassel wall hanging project shows you how to create an awesome piece of handmade wall art using a tree branch, colorful yarn, and a cool tassel-making tool. You can also use a wooden dowel or other objects to hang your custom tassels on. The idea is to get creative and have some fun in the process. Visit Nicole’s blog to discover a myriad of incredible and creative projects you can try to make your space unique.


Give Your Front Entrance a Makeover

Design expert Erin Tubridy Gates from the blog Elements of Style shows you how to dress up your front entrance for spring. This handy tutorial makes it easy to elevate the exterior of your home to match the season. She offers detailed specifics, including paint color names, lighting information, and house numbers. Visit her blog to find all kinds of awesome DIY home projects you can do that will give your home a fresh, new look. Her blog includes posts on everything from home interiors to fashion, books, and more.


Remove Wallpaper the Easy Way with Lovely Indeed

Blogger and design expert Chelsea from Lovely Indeed shows you how to remove stubborn wallpaper without chemicals easily. This easy guide is a great way to learn how to say goodbye to that old wallpaper in a safe way. You’ll get a complete list of everything you need, helpful instructions, and photos that show you the process. Chelsea’s blog is full of fantastic expert tips that range from home improvement to beautiful design ideas and a whole lot more. Check out Lovely Indeed to discover awesome recipes, arts and crafts projects, and everything you need to create a fabulous home.


Brighten up Your Kitchen on a Budget

Check out design expert Cintia’s blog, My Poppet Living for helpful advice about how to spruce up your space without breaking the bank. Her blog about how to brighten up your kitchen gives you a list of six affordable ways you can elevate this important space. From adding a feature wall and choosing colorful appliances to enjoying some houseplants, this blog shows you how to give your kitchen a brand-new look without spending a ton of money. Check out the rest of her blog to find other great ways you can affordably enhance your home.


DIY Birch Candle Holders with Nina Hendrick

If you want to add beautiful décor to your space that you make yourself, be sure to visit Nina Hendrick’s self-titled blog. Her project for DIY birch candle holders shows you how to make stunning handmade candle holders from just a birch log and some simple tools. You’ll learn how to source birch logs, how to drill holes for the candles, and more. Her website features interesting videos and plenty of unique DIY home projects that everyone can try, from a novice to an expert. Stop by and check out the rest of her decorating, entertaining, home projects, and more.


Make Your Own Taper Candle Holders

Design experts Liz and Sam from Pretty Life Girls have another interesting DIY candle holder project you can try. With this project, you’ll learn to make a taper candle holder at home with a wood dowel and other simple wood pieces. This tutorial explains how to put these items together and dress them up using colorful paper napkins. Visit the Pretty Life Girls blog today and look for all kinds of fun, easy DIY home projects you can try including 3D printed projects, how to make rainbow tie-dye shoes, and much more.


Try Your Hand at DIY Chair Upholstery

If you have an old chair that needs new life, check out this guide from Jeanette True at Snazzy Home. This design expert shows you how to add beautiful new upholstery to an older chair to give it a brand-new look. Follow her easy instructions, and you’ll be able to tackle one of the most popular DIY home projects. Snazzy Home has a lot of excellent information for you to check out, including posts about painting your home, fun arts and crafts for wedding décor, how to give your kitchen cabinets an affordable makeover, and lots of other fabulous ideas for today’s design DIY’er.


Protect Your Garage the Easy Way

If you have a garage, it’s important to make sure that you protect it from the weather. Lia at Southern Yankee DIY has a great guide that shows you how to weather-protect your garage easily. Not only will you keep your garage insulated, but you’ll also protect it from pests, too. Her fantastic blog is filled with awesome DIY home projects to help you enhance your home without breaking the bank. Visit Southern Yankee DIY to find lots of fun and creative projects to try. You can also tour Lia’s home to get ideas for your own space.


DIY Shelf for Behind Your Washer and Dryer

Interior stylist Kathy from Up to Date Interiors has several creative DIY home projects you can try yourself. Make sure you explore her easy tutorial about making your own custom shelf for behind the washer and dryer. This project shows you how to make a floating shelf with pine wood, L brackets, and a few other simple tools. Don’t forget to paint your shelf to add a stylish look to your laundry room. Explore Kathy’s other blogs while you’re here to learn how to create a fun range of DIY projects for every room of your home.


Whether you’re new to doing DIY home projects or you’ve been working on them for years, check out some of these projects and give them a try. These design experts have all of the tips and tricks you need to be successful. If you find that some tasks are too hard to do on your own, remember you can always hire a handyman to help you turn your DIY dreams into a reality.