Instagram lovers, rejoice! If you’re constantly seeing fitness influencers and dreaming of having their picture-perfect home workout setups, we’re here for you. Gone are the days when home gyms were relegated to dingy, unfinished basements – we have tons of tips and inspiration for you on creating a flawless and Instagram-worthy fitness space.

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Instagram-worthy pole fitness

Pole fitness, while it draws some elements from pole dancing, is more focused on artistic dance and fitness. This activity is different from the traditional pole dancing that might come to mind when you think of the sport. With simple equipment and tools, you can learn pole fitness right in your home. 

Benefits of a perfectly Instagram-worthy pole fitness routine

Pole fitness is chock-full of great benefits that you’ll gain. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Full body exercise – Unlike weight training or cardio, pole fitness requires the conditioning of your entire body to build your skill set. 

Muscle – If you follow any pole fitness gurus on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that these people are strong. It takes a lot of muscle to hold your body off the ground with only your pole for support. 

Flexibility – As your practice progresses, your flexibility will naturally increase. Plus, you’ll likely be motivated to seek out new stretches off the pole to increase your flexibility.

Coordination  – Many exercise programs at home focus on building cardio fitness and muscle tone, but pole fitness is particularly good at increasing your coordination.

Self-confidence – Pole fitness is incredible for building body positivity and self-confidence. As you get comfortable on the pole and start building your skills, you’ll be proud of your body and yourself for your achievements. 

What you’ll need for an Instagram-worthy home workout space: 

Before you buy a pole, you should consider a few elements so you end up with the best pole for your skill level and space.

Types of poles

Spinning – Spinning poles are generally for more advanced dancers since it takes an extra level of coordination while the pole moves. Many static poles have adjustments that allow them to lock into place or spin.

Permanent – Permanent poles are mounted into the ceiling and floor with bolts. They’re a great option if you own your home, but these aren’t renter-friendly. 

Removable – Removable poles are secured with a pressure fitting and are a popular option for beginners and renters. 

Free-Standing – A free-standing pole has a heavy base and does not touch the ceiling. 

Pole Materials 

Stainless steel – With a standard grip level and resistance to humidity, this is an excellent choice for your pole material.

Chrome – Chrome poles are standard for competitions and showcases, although those with sensitivities to certain metals may react.  

Brass – You’ll find brass poles in many pole fitness studios; with their high level of grip, these are popular for beginners.

Powder-coated – Powder-coated poles are very grippy, which is excellent for newer pole enthusiasts, but more advanced dancers may consider them too grippy.

Finding the most Instagram-worthy spot for your pole

Once you’ve decided on the type of pole and material you’re going with, it’s time for installation.

Measure your space – You’ll need a large open space to ensure you’re not at risk of injury from hitting a wall, corner, or furniture. Depending on your height and pole type, the manufacturer will have recommendations on how much clearance you’ll need. 

Use a stud finder – Drywall alone isn’t enough to secure your pole; you’ll find yourself with a large hole in your ceiling to repair. You need to secure your pole to a stud (whether they’re permanent or removable).

Avoid lighting fixtures – As you get better, you can expect that you’ll go higher up on your pole, so you want to ensure that you’re clear of any light fixtures. 

Hire a handyman – If you want to ensure your pole is securely installed, hire a local handyman to take on this task for you.


Aerial Yoga – The home workout that’s made to be Instagram-worthy 

Aerial yoga is beautiful, graceful, and incredible for building strength and flexibility. If you’re picturing high-flying professionals and thinking “There’s no way I could do that!” – stay with us. 

Aerial yoga allows people with mobility issues to practice yoga in a more accessible way. There’s no doubt that incredibly talented aerialists wow audiences with intricate and breathtaking routines, but you can easily get into aerial yoga at home. 

Instagram-worthy benefits 

Not only will you feel like a graceful, floating ballerina, but you’ll also gain many health benefits from aerial yoga at home. Prepare to showcase the new zen you on Instagram.

Improved flexibility, stability, and balance – Aerial yoga provides gentle, healthy muscle conditioning and flexibility training. 

Traction and joint decompression – As we age, our joints compress due to the shortening of muscles and tendons. The gentle traction that aerial silks provide decompresses those joints, resulting in a happy body.

Improved mental health – When you take into account learning a new skill, improving your aches and pains, and gaining strength and flexibility, it’s no wonder this exercise at home benefits your mental health and well-being.

Good for the heart – A 2016 study by the American Council for Exercise found that aerial yoga significantly reduced risks associated with cardiovascular disease. 

What you’ll need for your Instagram-worthy aerial space 

Investing in your aerial yoga space will require some funds upfront, but the good news is that once you have these things, you’re ready to begin!

Yoga swing – A yoga swing is essential for your at-home aerial yoga practice. It gives you a safe way to learn new skills while stretching and increasing mobility. If you only invest in one piece of aerial yoga gear, make it this one. 

Yoga trapeze – Similar to a yoga swing, the company Yoga Body has a trademark on the Yoga Trapeze.

Yoga gear – When you’re looking to expand your aerial yoga setup, consider adding hammocks, hoops, and bungees to change your practice. 

Finding a flawlessly Instagram-worthy aerial yoga spot 

Most yoga swings come with the hardware you’ll need to hang them – all you’ll need is a sturdy ceiling beam to hang yours from. If you’re not sure where to find a strong enough place, get in touch with a local handyman. 

In warmer months, you can give yourself a change of scenery and switch up your Instagram game by moving your swing outside and hanging it on a deck beam or hearty tree branch.


Show off your Instagram-worthy rhythmic gymnastics skills 


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If you’ve always loved dancing and are looking for an engaging and fun way of exercising at home, rhythmic gymnastics might be just the sweat-spiration you need. 

Instagram-worthy benefits 

You can show off your new moves and lean right into the lifestyle of being a rhythmic gymnast. Great music, a beautiful space, and lots of props will bring new life to your Instagram game.

Improve fitness and flexibility – Gymnasts and dancers are well known for their strength and flexibility, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of building both — plus your cardio base.

Learn the ABCs of movement – If you’re just beginning your gymnastics journey, you can start with the fundamentals of movement, stretching, and muscle recovery. 

Learn to move with music – Some people have a natural sense of rhythm, while others get better and better with practice. No matter where you start, you can learn to move with the groove. 

Improves creativity and coordination – Pairing physical movement with creativity in music allows your brain to build creativity and coordination together, leading to a happier, more artistic life. 

What you’ll need to create the most Instagram-worthy rhythmic gymnastics area

Gymnastics requires a bit more equipment than the other home fitness options we’ve discussed. The good news is that you can start simple and build your gear collection along the way. 

Rope – Rhythmic gymnasts use ropes as props in their routines. Generally made of synthetic material, but sometimes hemp, you can work ropes in to accentuate certain movements.

Hoop – Similar to a rope, you can use a plastic or wooden hoop to spotlight certain parts of your routines. 

Ball – A small rubber or plastic ball is used to roll over or balance on parts of your body but is never held in your hand. Using a ball in your routines is a more advanced maneuver, but it’s great to start practicing early. 

Clubs – Using a club in your routines provides an interesting additional element for you and your audience.

Ribbon – Ribbons are a fantastic showpiece, emphasizing your movement across the floor and providing a different method of entertainment. 

Mat – Mats are essential for your safety, helping you practice moves while reducing the chance of injury. 

Finding the perfect spot to showcase your ‘Gram-worthy workout

The most important thing you’ll need to get your Instagram-worthy rhythmic gymnastics posts queued up is space. Having room to move doesn’t only help prevent injuries but also gives you the necessary area to move with ease while allowing your mind to focus on the routine — not the walls around you.

Another essential for rhythmic gymnastics is mirrors. Seeing your movements is an integral part of learning and honing your skills. 


Barre – Naturally Instagram-worthy 

Barre workouts started as a fitness trend but have maintained their popularity for a good reason. Great for those recovering from injuries, with conditions like arthritis, all the way to seasoned athletes, barre fitness works for all ability and skill levels. With some simple additions to your home, you’ll have stunning snaps for social.

Benefits of your ‘Gram-worthy barre space 

Barre comes with heaps of benefits outside of leveling up your grid. Here are a few you can add to the list of why barre workouts make the top of our list:

Muscle strength – Toning and conditioning in a joint-friendly way is one of the best things about barre workouts. You can enjoy the benefits of leaner, longer muscles and the satisfaction of a sweaty workout without putting extra stress on your body. 

Muscle endurance – Barre combines long, slow movements with high-intensity intervals, which helps you to build endurance.

Increased bone density – Low-impact activity can help you to build or maintain bone density, which decreases your likelihood of developing conditions like osteoporosis.

Improved posture – Taking its core principles from ballet, it’s no wonder that barre workouts help improve posture! Ballerinas are famous for their excellent posture, and you will be too, once you’re a barre guru.

What you’ll need for a flawlessly Instagram-worthy barre studio

Take some time to research the different types of barres – all are not the same when it comes to this type of workout equipment. 

Types of barres

Portable – A portable barre is perfect for those who are just getting into barre fitness, and also great if you want to take your barre out and about in the world to get the perfect, Instagram-worthy pic in nature.

Wall-mounted – Wall-mounted barres work well if you set up a more permanent space with mirrors, music, and a personalized background. This method is an excellent opportunity to establish your brand on social media. Setting up your barre studio with the perfect decor allows you to showcase your style alongside your fitness routine.

Other equipment

At its most basic, all you need for a barre workout is the barre itself. However, you can add more to your routine with some additional elements. 

Yoga mat – A calm and relaxing place to warm up and stretch post-workout is ideal, giving you an extra space to showcase on Instagram. 

Weights – Barre will help you to build strength all on its own, but you’ll advance more quickly in certain movements if you mix up your strength training schedule. Free weights don’t need to be ultra-heavy to give you that extra edge in your barre routine. 

Resistance bands – If weights aren’t your thing, resistance bands might be an excellent option to build strength and flexibility when you’re not using your barre. The best part is they’re easy to pack and travel with — so even if you can’t do your regular barre routine, you’re still staying active.

Finding the perfect height for your barre

Having your barre set at the right height is essential to allow you to work out at the optimal level. Too high, and you’ll be unnecessarily stressing your muscles and joints; too low, and you won’t be getting the most from your workout. 

Your barre should be at waist height. Stand with your body perpendicular to your barre, and position it, so it’s the same height as the top of your hip bone. That height will give you the most personalized starting place to work from.


Whichever of the above Instagram-worthy home workouts you choose, you can create an aesthetic gym space. Your followers will think you’ve transformed into a professional influencer when you post snaps of your new pole, barre, aerial, or gymnastics area. Go forth and influence!