Pinterest is a place for inspiration, collecting ideas, browsing through projects you would love to try or simply just looking at and admiring pretty things. From the latest trends to new design ideas, we’ve rounded up our favorite pins of the week featuring game room decor for your kid’s play room or the ultimate man cave – so you can see what our friends and fellow pinners are loving!

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1. Rubik’s Cube Coffee Table

2. Behind The Couch Bar

3. Rustic Man Cave

4. Pool Ball Candles

5. Soundproof Hexagon Wall

6. Mario Shelves

8. Pac-Man Wall Decals

9. Domino Clock

10. Snack Bar

11. Lego Coffee Table

12. Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate

13. Pac-Man Bookcase

14. Poker Card Wall Decor

15. Loading Mark Wall Decal

16. Bat Curtain Tie-backs

17. Video Game Controllers Vinyl Wall Decal

What’s your favorite game room decor pin from this week? Let us know in the comments below! Happy pinning!