Our fireplaces are often the center of attention, with decorated mantels and hearths. Occasionally homeowners want to hang a wreath, mirror or other decorative objects high above the mantel but there is usually one issue – the brick. Drilling a hole into brick is often an intimidating process but it’s actually quite easy. If you have an electric drill, you’ll want to purchase a masonry drill bit. While at the hardware store, have your masonry screw and anchor in hand so you can purchase the correct size drill bit for your project.

Take a look at our quick tip video and see just how easy it is to decorate your fireplace!

Step 1: Measure the anchor

Line up a masonry drill bit with the masonry anchor. A masonry drill bit should fit into your electric drill and is designed to drill through brick or mortar. The anchor holds the screw in place and is used when you need to hang heavy objects off the screw. Use painter’s tape to mark the depth of the anchor. This will indicate how far in you need to drill.

Drilling into a brick wall step 1

Step 2: Drill the hole

Drill your masonry drill bit until you reach the painter’s tape mark. Insert the anchor into the hole. You may need to gently tap the anchor all the way into the hole with a hammer or mallet.

Drilling into a brick wall step 2

Step 3: Drill screw into anchor

Remove the drill bit and exchange it for a driver that fits the head of your screw. Drive the screw into the anchor and leave enough room to hang your object.

Drilling into a brick wall step 3


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