Do you love to bake? Does your weekend hobby have you turning your kitchen into a mini bakery? Many at-home chefs invest in specialty equipment, gadgets or tools to help them create edible works of art at home. And some homeowners even redesign their kitchen to accommodate their craft. Here are some great tips for incorporating your love of baking into your kitchen.

The right height for baking

When mixing or assembling recipes, a counter height surface works fine. But when it comes to kneading or rolling out dough, most bakers prefer a lower surface to get the right amount of leverage. Depending upon your height, you can simply stand on a step stool and use a counter (which is 36″ off the floor) or use your kitchen table (which is 30″ off the floor). Some people actually build a lower countertop in their kitchen, somewhere between 30″ and 36″, to achieve the most comfortable height.

Martha O'Hara Interiors kitchen design

A slightly lower surface, like this one, can make kneading dough much easier. By Martha O’Hara Interiors

Hide equipment in plain sight

Some bakers have lots of bulky equipment like free standing mixers, rolling pins, cake pans. Keeping these heavy items within reach will make it easier to reach and use; keeping them out of sight will help make your kitchen counters look less cluttered. Appliance garages or clever cabinets are great ways to make your baking station functional. If you plan on installing outlets inside a closed cabinet, make sure you talk to your electrician to see if you need a permit.

mid century modern house Flavin architects

A hidden baking station in a mid-century modern house remodel. By Flavin Architects

Baking supply cart

Having your baking supplies within easy reach is important when cooking or baking. A rolling cart like this one is perfect for baking, especially if you change where you work. You can move this next to the counter, next to the oven or even over to your kitchen table. You can follow the directions at Lowe’s and make this yourself, of look for a similar rolling cart at an office supply store.

Lowe's kitchen organization project baking station

A rolling cart like this one can make baking and decorating quick and easy.

Use the pantry

If you have enough space, consider putting your baking station inside your pantry. Since baking often requires lots of ingredients and bulky countertop equipment, keeping everything in one place with your other pantry goods keeps the main kitchen organized. Some homeowners even put a sink inside the pantry for quick rinses.

Marble work station

Some pastry chefs rely upon the natural coolness of marble when working with pastry dough as it keeps the butter from melting too quickly. Marble is also a great surface for rolling out or kneading dough and cleans up easily. Some kitchens have a small marble section specifically for baking, or place marble on the kitchen island. If you can’t afford to install a whole slab, you can visit a marble supply company and ask about purchasing a leftover piece. Have them finish the edges and seal it for you.

JMKA architects Connecticut kitchen

A marble counter, like this white Carrera marble kitchen, is perfect for keeping dough cool. By JMKA Architects

Lots of outlets

When baking you might find yourself using several small appliances at once. Considering that many of these hand-held appliances don’t have long power cords, it’s convenient if your baking station has plenty of outlets. In this kitchen, a long power strip placed at the edge of the work station makes it easy to plug in many things at once.

Lavallee Construction West Lake Sammamish Bellevue kitchen

Plenty of outlets, like in this kitchen, can help power multiple tools at once. By Lavallee Construction

Instant counter space

It’s easy to run low on countertop space when baking. Between the ingredients, pans, mixing bowls, and other supplies, it can be difficult to find enough room to work. A clever kitchen island like this one below can offer more space very quickly. The best part is, when you aren’t baking you can fold down the sides and free up more area.

Michigan residence by Inman Co.

Add instant counter space with a drop-leaf design like this kitchen island. By Inman Co.

Extra deep sink for cleaning up

Baking often involves using odd-shaped pans, oversized cookie sheets and large mixing bowls – many of which can’t go in the dishwasher. Clean up will be a whole lot easier with a deep and wide kitchen sink. A deep sink is also handy for hiding dirty dishes when you haven’t had time to put everything away.

House of L pepper pike home sink cake white

An extra deep sink like this one can make cleaning up much easier. By House of L