Whether you’re planning a bridal shower for yourself or your best friend who’s getting married, there are many reasons to consider hosting the party at home. A nicely-decorated backyard or living room could be the perfect venue for a dreamy, safe, intimate, and budget-friendly bridal shower.
If you’re in the middle of planning your at-home bridal shower but have some questions regarding the logistics of the party, take the advice of the experts to guide you through the details that you’ll need to check off your to-do list leading up to the big day. 


How far in advance should I send the invitations for out-of-state guests? 

When you’re inviting guests to a destination wedding, providing them with as much time as possible is ideal. Even if you’re doing a hometown wedding, ample notice is paramount. Once you have your date and venue set, start sending out those save-the-dates!

There are many things to consider when out-of-town guests have to travel for your celebration. They may need to find childcare or request time off of work. Now with travel costs soaring, the more time they’re given in advance, the more they can shop around for good fares and deals.

Six months’ notice should give your loved ones enough time to plan for your event and book their travel and accommodations. If you can give more, do so, but no less than two months for a domestic destination wedding. If your wedding is international, four months’ notice should be the minimum.

Invitations should include a link to your wedding website. Your wedding website should include details on your room block, if you’ve negotiated one (along with deadlines for when the pricing ends), all events that guests should know about outside of your wedding (rehearsal, welcome reception, excursions, etc.), and detailed location information (where to fly into and any nearby accommodations so they know where to stay).

Treat your wedding website as the guidebook for all your guests on what your celebration will entail. You can even put things as specific as what the attire will be – black-tie or beach chic and answer the FAQ you are starting to get. 

Guests who are armed with information and plenty of notice are more likely to RSVP “yes” and enjoy your destination wedding event to the fullest.

-Jennifer Stein at Destination I Do


What are the best party favors that can be given at my bridal shower?

Great bridal shower party favors must be practical, unique, and stylish. Your guests will quickly trash or leave behind knick-knack gifts that serve no real purpose.

The best bridal shower party favors project your thoughtfulness and add excitement to your celebration. Some of your friends and family members may have traveled long distances to enjoy time with you. They made you and your future spouse a priority with their presence. It’s important to reward that kindness with a special appreciation favor they’ll be happy to receive.

One of the most popular bridal shower party favors today are foam can coolers, often called “koozies.” Guests will enjoy using them during your party to keep their beverages cold and hands dry. You’ll also benefit by preventing watermarks on tables. Your attendees will quickly stuff them into purses or pockets before they go to use at their next backyard BBQ! 

Add your names, wedding date, and a cute saying to your can coolers for unique and personable bridal shower favors. Personalized phrases such as “Sip, Sip, Hooray!” and “Cheers! To Love Laughter and Happily Ever After” will make your party favors stand out from others you’ve seen.

Be sure to choose can cooler colors that align with your wedding theme. Your bridal shower is like a sneak peek into your big day. You don’t want to reveal all your wedding decoration plans but it’s OK to share at least one of your color choices.

Other trending bridal shower party favors are sunglasses, tote bags, custom mugs, and lip balm. All of these can be customized to give your guests gifts that uniquely thank them for sharing such a special moment with you.

You don’t have to settle for cheap bridal shower favors to stay on budget. Buying in bulk nets you great discounts on high-quality items. Extra items can be given out at engagement or save-the-date events, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. Some businesses, such as Totally Wedding Koozies, offer free items just for placing your order. 

-Shelley Grieshop at Totally Wedding Koozies


Who should be invited to a bridal shower? 

First of all, Cake & Lace would like to send a big thanks to the awesome Porch team, for letting us become a part of this massive collaboration!

The question that we’ve been sent to answer was “Who should be invited to a bridal shower?”, and Cake & Lace believes that similar to a movie or theater play, the star of the production (in this case, the bride) will almost always need the help of supporting characters (which represent the bridal shower’s guests) to help create a better show!

Bigger isn’t automatically better, and bridal showers are a huge proof of that; in fact, many bridal showers -favorable and happy bridal showers, to boot- around the world only consist of 15-20 bodies. And it goes without saying that the people who will be invited to the bridal shower must also be invited to the actual wedding.

So if the final list of the invitees to the bridal shower is short, then that’s not a problem – that is actually quite perfect! Having fewer guests means that the bride will have enough time to personally interact with everybody in a non-perfunctory way (let us not confuse bridal showers with cocktail parties!), making the event more intimate (and significant) and less for the sake of tradition. Only the future bride’s closest friends, co-workers, and relatives deserve to be invited to one – and if thinking of who truly deserves to make the cut proves to be tricky, the bride can ask herself if the same people she’ll be inviting will also invite her to their own bridal showers in the future. Or if they’ve already invited her in the past, then now is the perfect time to return the favor!

On a final note, there may be individuals who are really close to the bride but due to whatever reason have already said beforehand that they won’t be able to attend the actual wedding ceremony. These folks will probably be eager to make an appearance at the bridal shower instead (barring unforeseen circumstances). Send them an invite!

-Matt Tolentino at Cake and Lace


Which vendors will I need to hire for my at-home bridal shower?

If you are the host of the bridal shower, it can be challenging to both: run the show and enjoy the event. Nothing is worse than putting time, energy, and effort into hosting an amazing event and not getting to savor it. The first step is to decide what you are going to handle yourself and what vendors you should hire. 

The number one vendor to call when hosting an event at home is always a staffing company. If your event is under 50 people, one server to help at the event can keep up with refilling food, cleaning up plates, and let you actually be a host instead of the staff that day. 

Second, you should look at any of the other tasks that you either don’t have the ability or time to do yourself. Catering, cake or desserts, floral, and decor tend to be the top vendor categories that hosts and hostesses look to hire. In regards to catering, many local bakeries, small lunch restaurants, and even your local grocery store will have platters and menus tailored specifically to events such as a bridal shower. Talk to the bride regarding her favorite sweet treats as the focus should be all on her. 

When it comes to the look of the event, a florist or designer can help guide where you invest to get the best return on the look. Lastly, every event should include some kind of interactive experience. At modern-day bridal showers, there is usually a backdrop and photo op of some type. Consider hiring a professional photo booth company so the bride can get all the photos after the event rather than them being on everyone’s phone. What you love to do as the hostess and the parts you dread the most is the most important thing to consider with choosing which vendors to hire for the at-home bridal shower verses which items you want to handle yourself. 

-Shannon Tarrant at Wedding Venue Map


What’s the best time to throw a bridal shower? 

The bridal (or couples shower) is one of the most anticipated wedding events because it is usually the first of many celebrations. With so many events surrounding the wedding, it can be difficult to decide on when to host this special occasion. We suggest hosting the bridal shower 2-3 months before the wedding. With so many couples marrying in the summer or early fall, this typically falls in the late spring or early summer months. As the weather warms and flowers bloom, this is a perfect opportunity to host family and friends with a lavish picnic-style gathering in a park or a backyard brunch soiree.

No matter the time of year, it’s most important to choose a date that works for the couple as well as their closest family and friends. One tip is to suggest a few different dates and ask for input from the mothers of the bride/groom and Maid of Honor to ensure the timing works for those at the top of the list.

When it comes to planning the bridal shower, it’s best to give yourself a few months to get all the details together. There is so much to consider including where you’re going to host the party, what food to serve, what theme and décor the couple want, and who to invite. Planning at least 2-3 months before the date will allow the couple ample time to create a guest list and complete their registry as well. To make sure you don’t miss a single step when planning, follow this Bridal Shower Checklist complete with a timeline to follow and expert tips.

-Erika Blank at The Wedding Guys


What should I consider when creating a budget for my bridal shower?

You’ve got a bridal shower to plan, and like with all things wedding, need to decide upon a suitable budget for it. The good news is, regardless of your budget, you can still have an unforgettable time! It’s rather than the budget that helps you decide upon how the bridal shower will work. To help you identify a suitable budget, we’ve got a couple of questions for you to think about:

  • Who would you like to invite? We’re talking about the friends and family members you want at your bridal shower. It’s different from your wedding ceremony when there’s likely a lot of familial pressure to invite old Aunty Rhonda and your in-laws’ next-door neighbors. Your bridal shower is all about celebrating with the people you truly want to be with!
  • Where would you like to host your bridal shower? Do you have a favorite restaurant or café? What about your local pub or bowling club (kidding!)? Choose a venue that you feel comfortable in, will suit the number of invited guests, and is at a price you can afford. Not all large venues are expensive, so if funds are tight, why not hire the local hall or ask to borrow a friend’s home for the evening.
  • Would you like to outsource the food, will each guest pay for themself or are you going to provide the food? Food is expensive, there’s no getting around that. The option you take will reflect your budget.
  • What types of activities do you fancy? Are you wanting an action-packed adventure or simply a night with friends and plenty of bubbles?

Hopefully, your answers to these questions will give you an idea of how large (or small) your bridal shower budget should be. Remember though, it’s about having fun and celebrating your upcoming nuptials with family and friends, so try hard to avoid a budget blowout you’ll later regret!

My Wedding Guide


Who should organize the bridal shower?

Traditionally speaking, the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids are responsible for hosting a bridal shower.  But who really follows traditions these days? Couples now tend to do what feels best for themselves and all parties involved. The maid of honor may be eager to take the lead, but it’s also becoming quite common for bridesmaids, close friends, and even the mother-of-the-bride (and groom) to chip in depending on who can afford what.

Planning needs to start with a conversation between the bride and all parties considered to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Sometimes the bride-to-be will have a vision and know exactly what they want, while others may want to sit back and be surprised. Whatever the situation is, the person in charge should make sure that the bride-to-be will be pleased with the outcome.    

If multiple people do get involved in the planning, it’s best to divvy up all the planning tasks to people’s comfort levels. Everyone has those outgoing bridesmaids/friends/cousins who would be happy to host and do all the talking, while your more reserved or creative loved ones can be responsible for decorations, food, favors, games, or invitations. Just make sure to mention everyone who’s hosting and contributing to the shower invitations.

-Amanda DePalma at Elegant Bridal


Can I serve only finger food at a bridal shower?

Absolutely, and especially if you are throwing your bridal shower at home, finger food is an easy and stress-free way to cater to lots of different dietary requirements. If you choose to have just finger food, rather than a sit-down meal, ensure the canapés or hordoueves served are substantial enough to balance out any alcohol consumed. Having some carb-heavy finger food, such as focaccia bread and dips, mini burgers or sliders, or club sandwiches, will also ensure nobody goes hungry. Platters and grazing tables are also popular with bridal showers and hens parties, whether you make them yourself, or have them prepared by a caterer, they are a low-cost option.

If you have platters or a grazing table and are serving cold cuts or cheese, just take care with keeping it cool as the day goes on. If the table is to be served outdoors, some foods may quickly spoil, while others will attract insects. Always choose a shady position for foods that are left out for a while, and return them to the refrigerator when possible.

-Megan Hutchison at Forget Me Not Journals


What should I consider when hiring a photographer for my bridal shower?

The first decision to consider is whether you actually need a professional photographer, as this is an expense that many underestimate. What do you want the photos for – if it’s just to capture a few memories and remember how it felt, there’s every possibility that your guests may be able to do that for you. So, consider your options, first and foremost. 

When considering a photographer for their bridal shower, many brides’ go-to choice will be the photographer that’s shooting their wedding. Indeed, that can be a great opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level, share any concerns you have about photography, and primarily see how they work. 

If hiring the same photographer that’s shooting your wedding, ask them whether they offer event photography and if so, what pricing they offer. It may be much less than for your wedding day – but maybe not that low. 

If your shower is on a Saturday, be aware that these dates are usually reserved for weddings in a photographer’s calendar. They can therefore have a hefty price tag. After all, an in-demand photographer would turn down all other bookings to photograph your shower, so it may or may not be possible depending on their business model. 

Ways to save on your professional photography include working with a team member of the lead photographer (known as an associate photographer), or even working with a dedicated event photographer (or a newcomer to the industry) who may charge less than a wedding photographer.

You can also consider whether someone from your group doesn’t mind taking a few photos on their phone or camera. It may be that you want some nice photos of the event, but don’t want the full-on splurge that hiring a professional would bring.

Disposable cameras and photo pooling can be a fun touch with or without a professional. Simply share a link to a shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder, and you’ll have the event recorded with photos taken by your loved ones. 

If you do decide to go with a pro, make sure any displays and special touches are already set up before they arrive. Keep all details together that you want to be photographed.

Share your timeline or schedule with your photographer in advance, or better yet, work with them to ensure you’re being wise with your coverage time and you’re getting the most important moments and events captured. That way, they can advise what’s a realistic time estimate to capture your key events and people. 

Consider whether you want candid photos or soothing more formal. Do you want to capture gifts being opened as it happens, or stop and pose for a photo with each guest? Do you want any big group photos or just someone to capture the fun without directing people? Your preferences will inform the professional that you choose. 

-Zoe Larkin at Zoe Larkin Photography


What should you ask a photographer before hiring them for your bridal shower? 

Here are a few important considerations for hiring a photographer for your bridal shower.

Experience – If you want professional, beautiful pictures, make sure to hire an experienced photographer. Go over their portfolio and see how many events they have photographed and what kind of style they are using.

References – Even if you find an experienced photographer with an extensive portfolio, always ask for references. Not only will these references confirm if the photographer is the right person for the job, but they will also give insight into their working style and professionality.

Policy – As with hiring any services, get clear on the policy of the photographer. For example, will they require a deposit? A policy will also give you more clarity on possible payment options, cancellation policies, and refunds.

Timeline – While it would be great to have your photos as soon as the same day, keep in mind that photographers take time to edit the photos. Inform about your photographer’s timeline and come to an agreement so you can have the photos at a moment that will suit both you and the photographer.

A photographer can be a great addition to your bridal shower to capture all the beautiful moments. Hire someone that can get on the same line as you.

-Susan at Susan Shek Photography


When should I send my bridal shower invitations? 

We recommend sending out bridal shower invites about six weeks before the event. Send your bridal shower invitations anywhere from four to eight weeks before the shower to give your guests ample time to fit it into their schedules and find a gift on the registry. 

If you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests, or if you’re renting a venue that needs to know the headcount sooner, we recommend sending invitations a bit earlier, closer to eight weeks out. That way, guests can plan travel arrangements! 

You don’t want to wait too long to send out invitations to the bridal shower – it’s an important day for the bride, so make sure there’s plenty of time for guests to put it on their calendar. That being said, you don’t want to send invitations too far in advance either. If you send them over 3 months before the shower, they might forget by the time the event rolls around!

If you are in charge of sending the invitations for the bridal shower, make sure you leave extra time to pick an invitation style, get all of the details in order with the bridesmaids and mother of the bride, and have them printed in time to send. You should also have the guest list, including addresses! While you can send the invitations as late as four weeks before the bridal shower, you’ll need to start prepping the invitations sooner so that you have all the information and materials ready. Don’t forget the stamps!

Make sure your invitations include RSVP information. This includes the date they need to respond by and contact details for whoever is organizing the event, whether it’s the maid of honor, the bride’s mother, or another friend. 

You should also include the registry information, venue information, and any other information the guests will need. If there’s a dress code, make sure you mention it so that guests are dressed appropriately! You may also want to ask about dietary restrictions so that everyone is accommodated.

-Erin Betzler at Yeah Weddings


Do I need to serve a full meal at my bridal shower?

Food is a huge part of any celebration, and flavor and creativity are key to any event’s success. The typical buffet of multiple entrees with starch and a vegetable is one option, but it is certainly not the only option!  

Showers are typically an afternoon affair, so light finger foods are perfectly acceptable. Hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches/wraps, etc. If it’s late morning, maybe scones, fresh fruit salad, and tea sandwiches.  

If you want to really wow your guests and budget and space allow, you can offer various stations; Brunch station, Taco bar, doughnut bar (or wall!), slider bar, a station featuring the guest of honor’s favorite food. Follow up your food stations with a dessert station. Since you may not have the space to accommodate several stations and all your guests, two to three stations are recommended.  

Another reason we love stations for showers is placing different stations around the space promotes mingling. Since a bridal shower may be the first time your friends and family are coming together as one group, chatting at a food station is one way to break the ice.  

“Make your own” stations add some activities to your event and keep guests engaged. These are also great if the guest of honor isn’t a fan of shower games.  

Expert tip: Many people have dietary restrictions, either by choice or necessity. Keep these common restrictions in mind when planning your menu: Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten, Dairy, Nuts/Peanuts, and Shellfish. 

-Michelle Durinzi at Robert Ryan Catering


What are the differences between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party?

Bridal Showers vs. Bachelorette Parties

Wondering what’s the difference between bridal showers and bachelorette parties? Sprinkled With Pink has you covered! We make custom products for all wedding season celebrations so we’re your go-to from the engagement to the big day!

Bridal Showers

A Bridal Shower is a celebration for the bride-to-be held a few months before the wedding. Whereas a bachelorette usually just includes the bridal party, a bridal shower typically includes all of the bride’s closest female friends and family. 

The maid of honor, bridesmaids, or close friends of the bride are usually the ones to plan the bridal shower. Many showers take place over brunch or lunch, may include a few activities related to the bride and groom, and typically end with the bride opening gifts from everyone. These gifts are chosen from the couple’s wedding registry, so sometimes the groom will come at the end of the shower to open gifts with the bride and thank everyone for celebrating them.

Some couples prefer to invite their closest friends and family, regardless of gender. That’s totally fine too. The shower is really just about celebrating the bride and groom before they officially tie that knot, so feel free to make it your own.


Whereas the bridal shower is typically a more relaxed event, the bachelorette tends to be more of a party! It’s becoming more common for bridal parties to head to a destination like Nashville or Scottsdale and celebrate all weekend. However, a bachelorette can also just be a one-day celebration or night out.

Many brides choose a theme for their bachelorettes like Last Rodeo or Final Fiesta, but the possibilities are endless. Typically the maid of honor plans the bachelorette and coordinates fun apparel and accessories for everyone in the bridal party. From drinkware to bags and apparel, Sprinkled With Pink is your go-to for custom bachelorette products that match any theme!

While this is how bridal showers and bachelorettes are typically celebrated, it’s really just about making the bride-to-be feel special before her big day.

-Kristin Sprinkled with Pink


What are the best games to play at a bridal shower? 

Every Bridal shower needs games to be a hit! From tossing bouquets to saying yes to the dress, here are 5 of our all-time favorite Bridal Shower Games that your guests are sure to love.

Toss the Bouquet: Every bride needs to know how to toss the bouquet, so let’s make sure we help her practice. To play this game you will have a line for the player to stand to toss the bouquet.

Place the basket behind the player at a distance you think will be challenging but possible to toss the flowers into.

When the player is ready, give her the flowers and start the clock.

She will have 60 seconds to toss the bouquet as many times as possible, gaining one point for every time she tosses the bouquet in the basket.

Guess the Love Quote: This printable bachelorette party game has a list of famous movie love quotes in which players have to try to guess what movies they are from which is hilarious to play and especially fun if you have the clips queued up to show as a reference.

What’s In Your Cell Phone: Each lady scores points for what she has on her cell phone. YOu can make this list as tame or risky as you’d like… Think of ideas ranging from a photo with the bride (be sure to share these with the group) to the most Instagram followers, even a dating app perhaps 😉 Print out everything your guests will be looking for and points if they have it. Most points win the game!

Take the Cake: When the cake is cut we see the bride and groom’s real nature come out. Whether they will kindly offer a bite to one another or smash it in each other’s faces? So let’s give it a whirl with your closest girlfriends and if we get to eat cake to practice, even better! To play this game you will have each player paired off.

Both players will be blindfolded and they will need to each feed their partner a cupcake within the one-minute timeframe.

Be sure to take a group shot of all the messiness after this game.

Ring Hunt: This last game is fun to play when you’re mingling at the beginning of the party. Hide rings around the event space for guests to find, like an Easter Egg hunt! You can use candy rings or fun bling costume jewelry. Tell the guests they are looking for them while they say their hello’s and the guest who finds the most rings wins the prize! 

-Victoria Hudgins at Fun Party Pop


What are the best bridal shower theme ideas? 

Asking what the best bridal shower theme ideas are is a bit like asking “what are the best movies?” The answer is entirely dependent on who you’re asking. The best bit of advice I can give is to always start with the bride and build out the way. Don’t pick a theme because it’s trendy or because the Kardashians did it. Don’t do it because YOU happen to think it’s cool (unless you’re the bride), or because it’s convenient. Choose a theme once you’ve taken some time to really consider who the bridal shower is for and what SHE likes and enjoys. 

Is she a travel enthusiast? Use travel, or her favorite city, as your theme. 

Is she a bookworm? Pick her favorite book and design all the little touches around that book. 

Is she a party animal? Make it boozy and focus on the music and the dancing. 

Part of what I do is provide bridesmaids with the questions they need to keep their brides at the center of their planning. 

What I can tell you though, is some of my own personal favorite themes. 

Sleepover/ slumber party – low maintenance and super nostalgic, it focuses on bonding with your best friends and making memories.

Bubblegum Unicorn – theme everything in pastel rainbow colors and include lots of sweet treats for a really feminine, cutesy vibe. 

Festival – it might be out of style these days but for me, you can’t beat flower crown making, glitter face paint, and roasting mini marshmallows over a mini fire as a chilled, yet fun-filled way to spend time with the gang. 

Whatever you decide to choose a bridal shower theme, just keep your bride at the forefront of your mind and you can’t go wrong. 

-Sherrie at How to Hen


What are some ideas for a Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are an opportunity to take a step back from your wedding planning and celebrate this time of life with the people you love. Let’s take a look at some of your options for this;

A High Tea

Add a bit of class to your celebrations by having a High Tea at a quaint tea house. Finger sandwiches, petit fours, cups of tea and, of course, champagne.

A Pool Party

There’s no better way to relax and have a great time than by spending time at the pool. Consider what you’d love to do at your party and match your interests to a theme like poolside margaritas or floating flights of locally brewed beer. You could also borrow your wedding theme if you’re already in love with it.

Use the pool to your advantage and play a few water-based games. Challenge each other to a race across the deep end and offer a prize to the winner. Play Marco Polo, but call for your fiancé’s name and have everyone call your own back. Put a personal twist on classic pool games to keep everyone entertained while you’re in the water.

Flower Arranging Party

It’s going to be so much fun for you and your friends to arrange flowers together, but what will you do with those arrangements once they’re done? Depending on how far off your wedding is, you could use them as centrepieces for your reception tables or aisle decor.

Flower Crown workshops are also a fun way to spend time with your girlfriends.

Your options are almost endless ~ here are a few more ideas;

  • A Rooftop Cocktail Party
  • A Winery Day Tour
  • A Backyard Lunch
  • A Boat Party
  • Rent a Holiday Home

-Kim at Circle of Love


What are some fun activities to include in a bridal shower?

Planning a bridal shower? Get ready to sprinkle the celebration with oodles of fun and excitement! This special occasion calls for a whirlwind of joy and memorable moments that the bride-to-be will cherish forever.

“Love Story” Trivia: Test the guests’ knowledge of the couple’s love story with a trivia game. Prepare a list of questions about their first date, how they met, and memorable moments.

DIY Flower Crown Station: Channel your inner creativity and set up a DIY flower crown station. Provide an array of fresh flowers, greenery, and decorative elements like ribbons and beads. Guests can let their imagination run wild, crafting unique flower crowns to wear and capture stunning photos.

Sweet Treat Decorating: Unleash your inner pastry chef with a delectable activity that everyone will adore. Set up a dessert decorating station complete with plain cupcakes, cookies, or mini cakes, along with colorful frostings, sprinkles, and edible decorations.

“Guess the Dress” Fashion Show: Inject some laughter and anticipation with a “Guess the Dress” fashion show. Divide the guests into teams and provide them with rolls of toilet paper or white crepe paper. Each team must design a wedding dress using only the given materials. The bride-to-be then becomes the fashion model, strutting down the makeshift runway while everyone admires the creative and hilarious designs.

Love Letter Time Capsule: Encourage the guests to share heartfelt messages for the bride and groom by creating a love letter time capsule. Provide pretty stationary, pens, and envelopes for guests to write personalized letters with advice, wishes, or funny anecdotes. Collect the letters, seal them in a decorated box, and present it to the couple to open on their first anniversary. It’s a beautiful keepsake that will transport them back to the joy of their bridal shower.

Remember, the key to a memorable bridal shower is to infuse it with laughter, love, and plenty of fun-filled activities

-Shay Yellin at Bespoke Bride


Don’t forget that when it comes to hosting the perfect bridal shower or any special event for that matter it’s all in the details. Everything from setting the date to the final decor touch-ups or last-minute changes will make a massive difference in the result that your guests will get to enjoy. If you were to require any house modifications or improvements to have your space tidy and ready for the event, you could always hire a handyman to help you out while you continue with the rest of the party planning. Plan and make it your priority to choose the best options according to your budget and expectations. You’ll see it’ll all have been worth it for a unique, memorable day that will leave your guests delighted.