Your home may not be big enough to provide each child with his or her own bedroom. Bunk your beds and your kids into one room to save space. With multiple beds, separate sides, and individual decor there are many ways to make a combo room feel personal for each child.

These seven homes prove a duo bedroom can combine independent features with functionality, all in one space.

1. Doubled Up

Double beds, double desks, and double bookshelves give each child a separate space in a doubled room.

2. Orange Dreams

Personalize a shared room with pictures, monograms or special decor to highlight each child.

3. Storage Bunk

A bunk bed complete with storage and display shelves transforms a bed into a multipurpose object.

4. Nautical Pair

This pair of double beds uses a nautical theme to create a joint living space.

5. Contemporary Stacked

This modern bedroom provides a clean cut style with a lot of extra space.

6. Traditional Twin

This traditional farmhouse keeps it simple with symmetrical matching twin beds.

7. Charming Chic Duo

Bold colors and patterns can make a shared space bright and full of personality.

How would you decorate a bedroom for two or more? Let us know in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Opal Design Group