A home office isn’t just a space where you put your computer, desk, and chair. It’s a place where you create, dream, and plan.

So it follows that your home office should be a space that inspires you, not one that you dread walking into every day. If your budget is keeping you from turning your home office into a room that ignites your passion, don’t worry. We have a few simple ways that you can dress up your home office, and keep your wallet happy too.

1. Fancy Desk

A fancy desk like this one doesn’t have to break your budget. Search your local thrift stores to find a piece you can transform into the desk of your dreams. Your favorite paint color and a protective finish will make sure it stays pretty and fancy forever.


Pink Little Notebook

2. Charming Chair

Comfortable desk chairs that also make a great statement piece can be costly. Instead of buying, try DIYing! Give that hideous hand me down vinyl chair that’s been sitting in the basement a cool new look using painter’s tape and black and white spray paint.


Little Green Notebook

3. Pretty Storage

Storage doesn’t have to be boring. You can easily dress up your office with colorful boxes and bins, cute little baskets, and pretty mason jars. To stretch your budget even further, save a few empty shoe boxes and use Mod Podge to cover them with colorful or patterned fabric.


Camille Styles

4. Desk Accessories

If you don’t have enough room for storage, use your desk space to dress up your office with cute accessories. Paint mason jars or tin cans, attach pretty colored paper to a clear desk organizer, or paint a simple lamp to personalize your space.

Desk Accessories

Just Destiny

5. Wall Decals

Polka dot or triangle removable wall decals are the perfect way to dress up a home office space that can’t be painted. Decals look cute in any space and are a quick solution to fixing up a drab wall that needs a little love.


Just Bella

6. Fun Area Rug

Patterned area rugs are great for dressing up any room, but they’re especially good at defining small work spaces. Add a few fabulous prints to the wall above your desk to create a space that’s full of inspiration.


Simplified Bee via Hannah Blackmore

7. Printables

The best budget-friendly way to make over your space is with free printables. Mount them on pretty clipboards, frame them, or just use bright washi tape to stick them to the wall. Print out quotes that motivate you, gorgeous floral images that bring the outside in, and fun phrases that remind you why life is good.

printable-clipboard wall art


Top Image Credit: Just Bella

Are you planning to makeover your home office? Which of these budget friendly ideas will be seen in your space?