We’ve all dreamed about how we would design our dream yard. But have you ever thought about what your furry friend might add to his or her wishlist?

Enter dogscaping, the new landscaping trend. Dogscaping is carefully designing a yard that is both beautifully landscaped, and enjoyable for your pet. A beautiful yard can both enhance the feel of your home and create a pleasant environment for your furry friends–so why not try this pet-friendly trend? Here are our favorite upgrade ideas for the yard, designed with your pet in mind.

1. Poolside Pooch

Gelotte Hommas - poolside poochPhoto courtesy of Gelotte Hommas

There is nothing quite as relaxing as lounging by the pool in your own backyard, and on a hot summer day, those longhaired pups could really use somewhere to cool off. We love this pool equipped with a wide paver ledge for canine sunbathing.

2. Bark-A-Lounger

Small House, Lots of Love - backyard blissPhoto courtesy of Moontower Design and Build

Having a beautiful porch or terrace on which to sit back and enjoy the scenery would be that much sweeter if your dog had somewhere to put up their paws too, right? If you’re lucky enough to have a porch, make sure to set out a chair for your pooch. A simple dog bed will do, or you can get more elaborate. These pet hammocks by Pet Lounge Studios are a great addition to your outdoor furniture, and create the ultimate luxury lounging area for your pet.

3. Raining Cats and Dogs

Pedersen Associates - backyard blissPhoto courtesy of Pedersen Associates

An outdoor shower like this one could do double duty as a rinse-off spot for humans who’ve spent the day getting messy, and a place to wash off the dog after a long day outdoors.

4. Yard Dogs

Ag-Trac Enterprises - backyard bliss 2Photo courtesy of Ag-Trac Enterprises

Many homeowners dream of designing a beautiful garden, but fear their playful golden retriever will just dig up the bulbs as soon as they’re planted. Choose plants that are sturdy enough to withstand canine rummaging, but do not have thorns or jagged foliage that could harm them.

5. A Path for Paws

Ag-Trac Enterprises - backyard blissPhoto courtesy of Ag-Trac Enterprises

You’ve got a gym membership for yourself, but dogs need exercise too! When planning your landscape, include a long winding running path to give pets a fun course for exercise. Choose materials for the path that are soft on your pups’ paws, such as cedar chips, which are also a stunning contrast alongside a well manicured lawn.

6. Cats Only

Cuckoo 4 Design - backyard blissPhoto courtesy of Cuckoo 4 Design

We can all agree that cats are the slightly disadvantaged pet: Unlike their canine counterparts, they don’t generally get to experience the great outdoors. Building an outdoor cat walk along your fence or bordering your yard is a safe way to let your feline breathe in that fresh air or bathe in the sun. It’s also an excellent DIY project that you can build out of chicken wire, galvanized hardware, and simple cedar planks.

Top Image Credit: Ralph’s Interiors

Would you put special care into tailoring your landscaping to your pets?