Your kitchen is where all of the action happens: you make your meals there, spend time with your family there, and for some reason, every time you have a party, that’s where everyone ends up. Your kitchen is effectively the center of your home. So why do we let our kitchens become places that are all about function?

Wall decor that reflects what you love will let your kitchen’s personality shine through, and make it an even better place to spend your time. Here are five ways to transform your kitchen from functional to fabulous. Take a look, and let us know how these ideas inspired you!

1. Keep it mellow

One painting in the same color scheme as the rest of the kitchen creates a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. When decorating with monochromes, be sure to choose tones with the same warmth or coolness, so they don’t wash each other out.

NB Design Group - kitchen wall decorPhoto courtesy of NB Design Group

2. Make it bright

If soothing and tranquil isn’t your bag, chose art in a color that pops, like this abstract flower in hues of blush and orange. Bright art can enliven a neutral space, injecting a shot of life into an otherwise sedate room. Choose a spot on the wall that the eye is naturally drawn to, such as above an eat-in nook.

Frances Herrera Interior Deign - kitchen wall decorPhoto courtesy of Frances Herrera Interior Design

3. Showcase your collection

Taping up a variety of small finds and kids’ artistic works creates a personal and casual effect in this sleek space, giving its modern design a warm and personal touch. Keeping the small works of art to a specific area (just on the backsplash, and not spilling over to the cabinets or fridge) keeps things from looking too messy.

Eggleston|Farkas Architects - kitchen wall décorPhoto courtesy of Eggleston|Farkas Architects

4. Say it loud

A  chalkboard or marquee board is a fun and playful way to add personality to your kitchen. Change it up to feature a quote, words of inspiration for your family, or the nightly menu.

M-Dashing - kitchen wall decorPhoto courtesy of M-Dashing

5. Make a gallery

A gallery of photos in this small eat-in kitchen is an artful way to emphasize the room’s height. Keeping the frames a uniform size and color creates a cohesive palette that draws the gaze through the collection and keeps the whole space feeling pulled together.

Coburn Architects PC - kitchen wall decorPhoto courtesy of Coburn Architects PC

Do you love the idea of art in the kitchen? How do you keep the walls of your kitchen from feeling bare?