A treehouse in your backyard can be a place for your kids to play or for you to lounge. Whatever need it may meet, these 19 amazing treehouses prove that backyard play structures aren’t just for kids. Tree Top Builders located in West Chester, PA offers custom design and consulting services for tree attached structures. These general, remodeling, and tree contractors build treehouses, sell hardware and plans, and also teach other people how to build their own treehouse.

Whether you prefer a traditional treehouse or an epic kingdom full of bridges, platforms, and custom finishings, these nineteen treehouses will make the outdoors feel like home.

1. Cedar With Swings

This multi-tree and multi-post treehouse features custom windows, cedar siding, and a cedar roof that will leave you swinging all day long.

Tree Top Builders Cedar With Swings

2. Farmhouse

Held up by one tree and a few wooden beams, this rectangle farmhouse is picture perfect. This rectangle treehouse is topped off with a metal roof for extra protection.

Tree Top Builders Farmhouse

3. Rustic Playhouse

This playhouse was built on one tree and two posts, with an undermount swing and rope ladder for extra fun.

Tree Top Builders roper ladder playhouse

4. Enclosed House

This ultimate treehouse built on two trees with two posts is a large enclosed house, complete with a wood stove, porch, and zip line launch.

Tree Top Builders

5. French Country Garden

This multi-post octagon treehouse is the center of this backyard garden.

Tree Top Builders

6. Multi-Stair Masterpiece

While it may take many steps to reach the top, this square single tree house is the perfect getaway.

Tree Top Builders

7. The Look-Out

This treehouse in the woods has a look-out platform for lounging all day long.

Tree Top Builders

8. Rope Bridge

From the first platform to the second, this treehouse connects the gap with a classic rope bridge.

Tree Top Builders

9. Tiki Hut

Escape into this tropical treehouse with a thatch roof, rope bridge, and rock wall.

Tree Top Builders

10. Turn-Back Stairs

Descend from above by a zip line launch in this multi-tree treehouse with turn-back stairs.

Tree Top Builders

11. Craftsman Octagon

Built on a single tree, this octagon shaped treehouse comes with a half open porch that’s just the right size.

Tree Top Builders

12. Extreme Three Rope Bridge Structure

Donated to the TV show Extreme Home Makeover, this treehouse kingdom leads a pathway through three rope bridges and platforms.

Tree Top Builders

13. Double Porch House

Double the porch, double the cute. This charming two-tree structure requires extra support.

Tree Top Builders

14. Rope Tunnel Bridge

This treehouse calls for a little extra work by making you crawl up through a rope tunnel bridge to reach the top.

Tree Top Builders

15. Playhouse Slide

The best way to exit this playful treehouse is down a big green slide.

Tree Top Builders

16. Multi-Tree Cottage

Built on multiple trees, this little cottage is unique and adorable in design.

Tree Top Builders

17. Home Away From Home

This mini backyard treehouse is the perfect place for your kids to have their own home away from home!

Tree Top Builders

18. Custom Cedar Cabin

This cedar cabin takes treehouses to the next level with custom finishings from the windows to the roof.

Tree Top Builders

19. Traditional Treehouse

Keep it classic with a traditional treehouse that the whole family will love.

Tree Top Builders

Would you build a treehouse in your backyard? Let us know in the comments below!

All Image Credit: Tree Top Builders