If you haven’t already seen it yourself, Pantone’s Fashion Color Report Spring 2015 is the epitome of springtime with a mix of brights and warms that complete the perfect palette. As the weather gets warmer and spring slowly rolls in, it’s time to whip out your paintbrush! From the carefree Scuba Blue to the sensual Marsala, En Plein Air has bold and beautiful color choices that you can incorporate into your home.

Take a look at these ten paint colors from the En Plein Air palette that you should be painting your bedroom walls this spring!

1. Marsala

As the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala is a daring, yet stable tone that has a sense of earthiness with a sophisticated blend of reds and purples. If you’re looking for a warm and rich bedroom color that will remain grounded, Marsala is the color for you.

Marsala Room Paint Colors

Marsala-inspired paint colors:

  1. Claret EB28-2 Signature
  2. Cut Ruby 1009-4 Valspar
  3. Pantone Rumba Red PN5090 Signature

2. Dusk Blue

A favorite shade for men, Dusk Blue is dependable and faithful. This calming color is the perfect transition tone from winter to spring.

Pantone Dusk Blue room paint colors

Dusk Blue-inspired paint colors:

  1. Oatlands Dainty Blue 4008-5B Valspar
  2. Soft Skies 4006-6A Valspar
  3. Cool Springs CI194 Signature

3. Strawberry Ice

Be pretty in pink this spring with Pantone’s Strawberry Ice. This flattering color is delicate and charming, giving a soft and sweet glow.

Pantone Strawberry Ice paint colors

Strawberry Ice-inspired paint colors:

  1. Sweet Sixteen 1006-2A Valspar
  2. Foxglove EB3-3 Signature
  3. Strawberry Pink 2001-3C Valspar

4. Sandstone

For a neutral look, Sandstone captures earthy elements that are simple and natural, while providing a warming presence.

Pantone Sandstone paint color

Sandstone-inspired paint colors:

  1. Sweet Cardamom 2006-5C Valspar
  2. Ginger Bite 2005-5C Valspar
  3. Soft Pretzel ar424 Signature

5. Scuba Blue

Add a splash of excitement to your bedroom walls with the colorful and carefree Scuba Blue.

Scuba Blue Pantone Color

Scuba Blue-inspired paint colors:

  1. Exotic Sea 5004-10B Valspar
  2. Filoli Morning 5003-10B Valspar
  3. Pool Party 5002-10B Valspar

 6. Glacier Gray

Choose a color that will enhance your walls without taking center stage. Glacier Gray is timeless, unobtrusive, and neutral in color.

Glacier Gray Pantone paint color

Glacier Gray-inspired paint colors:

  1. Woodsmoke EB48-2 Signature
  2. Polished Silver 4008-1B Valspar
  3. Metropolis 4005-1C Valspar

7. Custard

Shades of yellow can be too bright and vibrant, but Pantone’s Custard color is soft and mellow, giving your bedroom a cheerful, sweet, and sunny vibe.

Custard Pantone Paint Color

Custard-inspired paint colors:

  1. Chickery Chick 3008-2A Valspar
  2. Pineapple Mousse 3008-3C Valspar
  3. Egg Custard 232-3 Valspar

8. Toasted Almond

Provide a little comfort and warmth to your bedroom with a sun-tanned neutral tone like Toasted Almond.

Toasted Almond Pantone paint color

Toasted Almond-inspired paint colors:

  1. Almond Oil EB46-4 Signature
  2. Moose Mousse 3003-10A Valspar
  3. Almond Biscotti CI67 Signature

9. Titanium

Durable, classic, and tasteful. Titanium is a shade of gray that will dominate your walls in a beautiful way.

Titanium Pantone paint color

Titanium-inspired paint colors:

  1. Vessel Gray 4005-2A Valspar
  2. Elephant Gray 4006-2A Valspar
  3. Quaker Gray 338-4 Valspar

10. Lavender Herb

The intriguing Lavender Herb adds the perfect pop of purple to your springtime bedroom.

Lavender Herb Pantone Paint Color

Lavender Herb-inspired paint colors:

  1. Floral Vista 1002-3C Valspar
  2. Gooseberry 213-4 Valspar
  3. Wild Lavender 1002-3B Valspar

Would you paint your bedroom walls with one of these spring colors? Comment below with your favorite!

Top Image Credit: Window Coverings of the Triangle, LLC