Like table manners, tableware and dinnerware are more important than you think. These enhance food as a social experience, not just at event dinners or parties but also in everyday life. 


Every moment we spend with family and friends shouldn’t be taken for granted. Table settings and basic manners are both the aesthetic value of food and family interaction during mealtime. You can upgrade the dining experience by designing your table perfectly and considering others by behaving the correct way, even more, when hosting people from another culture or having a themed dinner/party. 

We gather some professionals who know about this to give us their advice and best tips.


What is the key to setting a formal table successfully?

Depending on how formal the event/gala is, I would first make sure all the essentials are present and make sense to each guest as to how they’re arranged.  Many planners feel compelled to get too fancy and sometimes don’t realize the “ less is more” adage.   We par our wines for a cocktail reception and Dinner Service, so we only use one wine glass on the table to make room for water glasses, champagne flutes, chargers, napkins, flatware, centerpieces, number signs, and the occasional petit four tree.  Our wine butlers have smaller stations and can be very attentive to guests during dinner.

Sean Campbell | The Edison Ballroom


What are the benefits of Eco-friendly Clay Tableware?

There are a lot of benefits. Regarding the body, we have a few: as clay is alkaline, it neutralizes body acidity levels, provides cooling effects in the body, boosts the metabolism, prevents infections, and others.

Since it’s eco-friendly, it’s more durable and, once broken, is easily decomposed by nature. Also, clay is a lousy conductor of heat because heat cannot flow easily; this ensures that the hot food remains hot and the cold stays the same for a more extended time.

Here is just a summary of the benefits, but there’s a lot more.

Mitticool Clay Creation


Why are ceramic dishes the best option for using them in the oven?

Ceramic baking dishes are a kitchen staple in our home. They are versatile, durable, and perfect for all sorts of recipes. They can go from the oven to the table, ideal for serving hot meals. Plus, they are easy to clean – just pop them in the dishwasher after use. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of cookies or roasting a chicken, a ceramic baking dish is a perfect tool for the job.

Clay dishes have been used for centuries to cook delicious recipes. Today, ceramic baking dishes are still popular for many home cooks because they offer several benefits.  First, ceramic baking dishes are made from clay that has been heated to a high temperature, so they are very durable.  Therefore, they can withstand high temperatures without breaking, making them ideal for use when cooking with higher heat in your indoor oven or outdoor pizza oven.  Second, ceramic baking dishes help evenly distribute heat, resulting in more consistent cooking results. Finally, ceramic baking dishes are non-porous and do not absorb flavors or smells, making them ideal for preparing foods with sensitive ingredients.

We use ours for many dishes, including fish, baked vegetables, casseroles, and cobblers, to name a few. When choosing a ceramic baking dish, look for one that is glazed on the inside and unglazed on the outside. The glaze will help to prevent sticking and make cleanup easier.

Pam | Patio & Pizza


What are the basic rules of traditional Vietnamese table manners?

In modern days, the Vietnamese table etiquettes are no longer so strict, but you need to keep an eye out for basic traditional table manners when you’re having a meal with a Vietnamese family:

1. Respect and Giving face:

In most Asian cultures, including Vietnamese, being respectful is important. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for anyone older than you or the meal’s host to have the first bite. You can also try offering food to other people on the table using separate chopsticks or utensils other than the ones you’re using. Moreover, if you’re invited to a Vietnamese meal for a special occasion (such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), you might consider bringing a gift.

2. Chopsticks etiquette:

Unless you’re going out to have Western food like pizza or pasta, you’ll likely need to use chopsticks when eating with the Vietnamese. However, if you’re not comfortable with chopsticks, don’t hesitate to ask for your standard forks and knives. The important note is to try not to dig your utensils into the shared dishes to find your favorite piece or make too much noise.

Hoang Pham | iTour Vietnam


What is the most important thing to consider when you set a table of an international culture?

We believe that you don’t have to follow all their rules. You may create creative table settings based on your own culture and originality. Our website features table settings using our Japanese tableware and tips, but we also present many styles from traditional to more creative.

However, we need to know at least the manners we should never do in that culture. Each culture has something important that they have believed in throughout its long history, and we should respect that. For example, a Japanese manner called “Tatebashi,” prohibits sticking chopsticks upright into the rice. This is the way to present rice to the deceased’s spirit at the funeral and is usually forbidden. As long as you observe the minimum manners, you are free to enjoy yourself.

Takatsugu Fusada | Musubi Kiln


What is the key to maintaining your silver dinnerware in optimal conditions?

To keep your silverware shiny and not have to polish it too often, there are several proper storages and careful washing techniques to follow.

Firstly, you need to store your silver correctly, in a dry place, as humidity and heat increase the rate of silver tarnishes. To do this correctly, we advise you to choose a high-quality storage bag with a special anti-tarnish impregnation that protects and cares for your silver.

Secondly, we advise you to wash your dinnerware after each use so that the food residues do not start to react and damage your objects chemically. You can use hot and soapy water for this, but we recommend using a professional cleaning bath that thoroughly cleans and restores the shine to your tarnished cutlery for better and faster results.

Finally, a great way to maintain and prevent tarnish of your silverware is to use it! Thanks to Hagerty’s unique silver care products, don’t be afraid to use your silverware anymore because cleaning is easy, fast, and effective.

Juju | Hagerty


What’s the best way to display my dinnerware?

With color making a comeback in our kitchens and dining rooms, displaying your dinnerware offers some great opportunities to create a beautiful focal point. Using open shelving to display your dishes is not only functional but also allows you to add visual interest.
Like decorating a bookshelf, vary the way you display your dishes, playing with heights, colors, and different types of pieces. Another option is to show off your prized possessions through glass doors in your cabinetry or hutch. There are several glass options, from more to less opaque, but they all allow the ability to add color and thoughtful design to your space.

The Kitchen Studio


What are the benefits of linen tablecloths?

Linen tablecloths help create an inviting, earth-friendly, and elevated tablescape. Not only does linen provide a beautifully natural aesthetic, but this sustainable fiber also comes from the flax plant, which consumes far less water as compared to cotton, is fast-growing, and doesn’t require pesticides to grow. Linen also provides a texture that naturally compliments handcrafted dishware, place settings, and decor, creating an intentionally-designed tablescape with an organic feel. If you incorporate heavier pieces when designing your dinner tables, like heavy silverware and stoneware, linen will naturally soften and balance out these elements as well.

Cayley | MadeTrade


What are the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your silverware?

Missing Pieces. Most often we see people start searching for a new flatware pattern because they have only a few teaspoons and a full amount of other pieces (knives & forks). The teaspoon is usually the smallest and lightest piece so it ends up getting thrown out or lost more often.

Chewed up pieces or bent tines on the forks from the disposal. Pieces end up with really rough edges after the disposal hits them and they end up cutting the mouth.

Bored with the pattern or win the lottery and want to get sterling silver.

Billy | Silver Superstore


This advice will help you and your guests have a wonderful experience by considering each occasion’s dinnerware, tableware, tablecloths, and manners. Otherwise, having your table settled correctly also helps upgrade your home and make it look more aesthetic, directly affecting your mood.


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