Everyone loves a good pumpkin on Halloween but not all of us are actually good at carving them. Carved pumpkins, if done too early or in the wrong temperature, can prematurely mold, mildew and start to smell. Luckily there are tons of ways to decorate your pumpkins without bringing out the big knives. We turned to our blogging community to bring you some delightfully designed pumpkins for Halloween.



The DIY Showoff blog has tons of ideas about, you guessed it, DIY projects. Her vinyl pumpkin tutorial is very well explained and photographed but does require some tools you may not have on hand. Regardless of your supply closet, it’s a wonderful step-by-step guide for a unique look.



Southern Hospitality blog has a beautiful Golden Pumpkin tutorial using faux pumpkins. The materials needed are quite simple and the gold could easily be swapped for another accent color.



Making Lemonade has a really beautiful idea: sequins! Her bedazzled pumpkins look super sophisticated but are very easy to create. Take a look through the tutorial and see how easy it is to turn any color pumpkin into a sparkling centerpiece.


In My Own Style has a really clever use of turning a faux pumpkin into a chalkboard candy jar. Okay, there is a very small amount of carving but I consider this carving to be super minimal. The addition of the door pulls as jar “legs” is really fun and interesting.

Top Image Credit: Making Lemonade