Every seller wants their home to sell fast and for top dollar. But, it isn’t luck that makes a home sell; it’s all about careful planning and knowing how to make your home appealing to your ideal buyer. Whether you are thinking of listing your home next month or awhile from now, there are things you can do to get the best results the day it goes on the market.

Reduce the Clutter

Clutter can quickly reduce your home’s square footage and appeal. You would be surprised at how many items are in your home that you no longer need or even remembered buying. Start going through your home, room by room. If you find items you haven’t used in a year, it’s probably safe to discard it. Next, you’ll want to remove items you don’t need while you’re selling the home. This could include books, knickknacks, items cluttering up your kitchen counters, holiday items, etc. Look at this as an opportunity to get started on the packing process early too.

De-Personalize Your Space

When your home is personalized, it is hard for a buyer to picture themselves in your home. De-personalize your home by removing items that buyers cannot connect with — including family photographs, heirlooms, etc. Keep the walls basic so buyers can picture their own family photos on the wall and say to themselves “I could live here.”

Get a Professional Deep Clean

The condition of your home speaks to how well you have cared for it. If there is dirt and grime on the walls, it tells the buyer that you don’t keep up with your home’s maintenance and cleaning. Before you list it, hire a professional service to come in and do a deep clean. This includes scrubbing grout, descaling, washing the walls and polishing the floors. If you have carpet, get them steam cleaned to remove any stains or built up dirt as well.

Book a House Cleaner

Making a List of What Goes and What Stays

Make a list of what items you’ll take to the new house and what items you’ll include with the house. Most sellers forget about the items they have installed over the years, such as their kid’s swing set, the dishwasher or even the range. These are all items a buyer might be interested in and you’ll need to decide if they’re part of a package deal or if they’re leaving with you.

Make Repairs

You don’t need to gut your house and remodel it, but there are some minor repairs you need to compete to make your house more appealing to a buyer, such as:

  • Patching and painting holes in the walls
  • Fixing leaking faucets.
  • Painting walls to a neutral color.
  • Fixing doors and windows that don’t close properly.
  • Fixing any lights that don’t work.
  • Replacing any missing window screens.

Book a Professional Handyman

Consider Temporary Housing

Living in a home that is on the market is difficult. You have to leave every time there is a showing, keep the house spotless, and live in a home that is staged specifically to look like no one lives in it. Some sellers find it easier to find temporary housing while they sell their house. This could mean renting an apartment for a few months or moving in with family and friends. Sometimes temporary housing is easier for the selling/buying process too, especially if you have to sell your current home before you can be approved on a loan for a new one. If temporary housing is appealing to you, secure that before listing your home. That way you aren’t scrambling last minute.

Top image credit: Phil Kean Designs