Ever wonder how to take an amazing photo of your home’s interior space? Want to document a recent remodel but don’t want to hire a professional photographer? Or maybe you’re getting ready to move and need to take shots for a realtor’s website? Luckily for you we’ve compiled some great tips to help you take the best, most flattering shots of your home.

What makes an amazing photograph of a home

Look through any magazine and you’ll notice that the images look perfect because they are: photo editors and art directors work closely with professional photographers, stylists and lighting designers to capture the very best image possible.  Professional photographers have years of experience taking photographs of spaces, both inside and out. They spend time prepping the space, styling the room, experiment with lighting, rearranging the furniture, using a tripod and employing the best equipment. You may not have the skills or resources of a professional photographer however there are some tricks to taking a shot that’s worthy of a Porch scrapbook.

Expert tips on photographing a home

I had the opportunity to chat with noted photographer, Andrea Chu, about how to take the best photos of an interior or home project. Over the last three decades she’s photographed interior spaces and architecture for noteworthy publications like Dwell, Martha Stewart Living, Town & Country, Real Simple, and The New Yorker. She has generously shared with us some of her tips for the non-professional looking to capture their home in the best possible fashion.


Thank you, Andrea, for speaking with us today! What’s the number one mistake people make when photographing a home project?

The number one mistake is not getting enough shots. It’s best to shoot a bunch of the same thing, the light can change in the room from one frame to the next, or if you move a little bit it can change the way the image looks.


If you could suggest one piece of equipment to purchase that would help someone take better photos of their home or home project what would that be?

If you own an SLR (single-lens reflex camera) invest in the best lens you can afford for your camera. An SLR gives better control of the image.


Can you recommend any great apps for taking photos using a smart phone?

VSCOcam. There are lots of tools with this app and it’s available for iOS devices.

What makes for a good shot of an interior space – is it good lighting? 

A good interior shot first starts with the cleaning up the space and styling the room. This is key for a good image. Then I would say lighting as the second most important factor in getting the best image. If there is good light in the space it really shows in the photo.

How do you suggest photographing small, cramped spaces?

A wide-angle lens helps capture hard-to-reach and small spaces like bathrooms or attics.

Any final tips?

The best way to capture a space is to walk around and take many shots from different angles, then you can pick the angle that looks the best afterwards.


Andrea Chu currently lives in Brooklyn, NY as a freelance photographer. Some of her current assignments have been for Dwell, Town and Country, and Milk Decor, which can be viewed on her site:  www.chucandy.com.


Top image credit: Andrea Chu