Paint an accent wall like a pro by following this easy step-by-step tutorial. Adding a pop of color with an accent wall can instantly brighten up any space, without overwhelming the whole room. Choosing the right wall can be tricky, but painting, prep and cleanup are pretty easy, just work quickly to ensure you get an even coat!

Materials and Tools:

  • paint roller/ roller brush
  • bucket

  • paint tray

  • drop cloth

  • sponge

  • 2″ paint brush

  • 2″ painter’s tape

  • paint color of choice


  1. Remove any outlet covers, furniture, or art.

  2. Clean entire wall using water and then dry. *Use TSP (Trisodium phosphate) if the wall is especially dirty.

  3. Carefully tape off edges of the wall to be painted.

  4. Lay drop cloth below the wall.

  5. Start with the edges and then work all the way around.

  6. Start to fill in the wall and work toward edges. Make Ws and Zs with the roller, then fill those in to get the most even coverage.

  7. Repeat with a second coat to cover any thin spots.

  8. Remove tape, replace fixtures, and you’re done!

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