We asked Beth of Bethcakes 16 quirky questions! Beth is a self-taught chef who found her love of baking while living in her dorm room at the University of Alabama. Find out more about Beth including her favorite comfort food and dream kitchen, and don’t forget to head over to her blog to read the rest of this interview!


Favorite comfort food?
I am totally a French fry person. They’ve always been one of my favorite foods!


What are 3 words to describe your blog?
Fresh, sweet, and colorful

Tell us about a time when you had major cooking fail (we’ve all had them!)
Recently, I tried to make an ice cream cake with layers of chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream. I made the cake layers, frozen some ice cream in cake pans, and then assembled the whole thing. Then I put it in the freezer for half-an-hour to firm up. When I came back to check on it, I opened the freezer door to see melted ice cream dripping all down the cake. It was melting…while it was in the freezer. That happens when you’re freezer is too full apparently!


Describe your dream kitchen!
Oh, where to start! Right now I have the tiniest kitchen, which also has my washer and dryer in it. I really only have one counter, a couple of drawers, and the space over my washer and dryer. I’d love a bright, white kitchen with a ton of counter space and lots of windows. I currently don’t have a pantry either, so that’s a must! I would love to have a dedicated place for my stand mixer. Since I’m a baker, I also wouldn’t say no to double ovens!

How did you become interested in blogging?
I started blogging my sophomore year of college. I majored in English, and my minor was in creative writing. I began making crazy birthday cakes for my friends, and I started blogging as a way to post and share the recipes. I’m also a writer, so it was the perfect way to combine two of my loves.


Strangest item in your pantry?
Pineapple nectar? I originally bought it for a Hawaiian barbecue chicken marinade, but it’s also great for cocktails.

Hardest part about blogging?
I have a full-time job and I blog on the side, so I’d say time management and posting consistently are the hardest things for me.


Best part about blogging?
I love that I’ve been able to connect with bloggers from all over the country, and I have even been able to meet some of them in person!

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