Today I’m excited to announce our plans for the next step in Porch’s journey. We announced today the pending merger with PropTech Acquisition Corporation, which will result in Porch becoming a public company listed on the NASDAQ later this year.

This is a moment our team has quietly been building towards for the better part of the last four years. Over this period, Porch has remained largely out of the media. We’ve been heads-down, reinventing the company as a vertical software platform for the home. What a ride it’s been. 

The home is the largest investment most of us make in our lives. And yet, it is painful, still. Moving is the third most stressful time in life and owning a home is more difficult than renting. As we look toward the future, we know we can make it better.

To bring that vision into reality, we partner closely with the companies that make home services work. These are the real champions who are there to help homeowners through the journey with the home. The home inspection and moving companies. The contractors to get projects done. Not only do we provide software and services to these companies, we are committed to helping them improve their customer experience. When their customers are moving, we serve as the Moving Concierge (now assisting 27% of all US homebuyers each month!) to help with everything from insurance, to TV/internet, to handling any type of move, and to getting the TV mounted for the first weekend movie.

It has been an amazing success so far and I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate this milestone with my team who has battled and persevered with me. But it is just that—a milestone—in a long journey.

How we got here

Porch’s story begins back in 2012. After selling my first company (Thriva) and helping build the acquirer (Active Network) through its IPO, I planned on taking a year off. I knew I still wanted to go build one more company—something great that would make a dent in the world—but first, I wanted to take some time so my wife and I could enjoy the process of building our dream home. 

As we went through that process, we experienced the same pain as so many millions of homeowners. The frustration, lack of transparency and reliability made it clear to me that this was the problem I needed to solve and that I needed to start right away. So I gathered a small team in the basement of my Seattle rental home, and Porch was born. 

The evolution of the Porch marketplace

Porch started as a marketplace for home services. We grew it aggressively over the next couple years, executing a nationwide rollout and developing deep partnerships with many of the largest and most well-known brands in the industry. 

As the marketplace grew, we uncovered challenges with the business model that made it difficult for the company to achieve the level of scale and impact to which Porch aspires.

Namely, we learned that even when we delighted a customer with a single home project, lifetime value from that individual tended to stay relatively low. It turns out most homeowners simply don’t do that many projects in a year even when they’re happy with their previous project. We also realized that we didn’t want to be dependent on the classic direct-to-consumer channels. 

This understanding prompted the key shift over four years ago that has brought Porch to where it is today. 

Vertical software platform and beyond

We decided to focus not only on building deep relationships with homeowners, but with the companies that power the home services space as well. In particular, we focused on companies who serve homeowners at the earliest stages of their homeownership journey. 

We realized if we could provide vertically-integrated software, services and demand to these companies, we could help them grow their business and improve overall customer experience. In turn, through these relationships Porch is introduced to homebuyers at the earliest stages of the process, allowing us to help consumers through the entire lifespan of their homefrom moving to improving and everything in between.

Today, Porch is the leading vertical software platform for the home. We provide software and services to more than 11,000 home services companies including home inspectors, moving companies, real estate agencies, utility companies, and home warranty companies. Through these relationships and our multiple brands, Porch provides a moving concierge service to homebuyers, helping them save time and make better decisions on critical services. These include insurance, moving, security, TV/internet, and ongoing home maintenance, repair, and improvement projects post-move.

How does this all add up?

As of today’s announcement, Porch is involved with 2 out of every 3 US homebuyers each month, operates as a nationwide insurance agency, and is the #1 provider of moving labor and full service moving in the United States.

To learn more about Porch’s vertical software platform and our family of brands, visit our corporate website at

Thank you to the entire Porch team

Going public is one step in our journey to building a great company. But it’s an important step that gives us a bigger platform and allows us to move faster toward our goals.

From the beginning, the foundation of Porch had very literal undertones, as it began in the basement of my rental home. And yet, throughout the journey of adding valued partners, adapting our business model, and scaling effectively, it’s the metaphorical foundation that allowed us to get to where we are today: our guiding values like “no jerks, no egos”.

Because of that foundation, we’ve been able to build a team and company I’m incredibly proud of and grateful for every single day. I remain excited for what today’s step will bring us, and remain ever confident in our ability to rise to new heights.

Another of our values is “Together we win”. Today is one of those victories. 

To our customers: thank you for your trust, loyalty, ideas, and energy.
To our Board: thank you for battling with us and for your true partnership.
To our investors: thank you for believing in us along the way when it wasn’t always so clear.
To my family: thank you for supporting me.
And to the Porch team: thank you for this major accomplishment.


Matt Ehrlichman
Founder & CEO, Porch



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