Each month, we ask some of our favorite bloggers to participate in our Love Your Home series by sharing the favorite memories, favorite spaces, and “happy places” in their homes. Take a look at these bloggers’ real spaces for some inspiration of your own.

1. Wife in Progress

Jenna of Wife in Progress traveled all the way from Ireland to create her beautiful home in Boston, Massachusetts. Formerly her husband’s childhood house, the couple now shares it with a son of their own, and is always involved in a project to give their old home new traditions. Jenna’s beautiful way of bringing home full circle is part of what makes her blog one-of-a-kind:

Currently, my favorite space is my Baby Boy’s nursery. It is here that Brian put the crib together while I was 30+ weeks pregnant. It was here that I neatly folded baby clothes in the dresser that we refinished. It was here that I hung the crib mobile that I made for our son. It is here that we are making some amazing new memories.

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2. For My Love Of

If you love bohemian and midcentury modern décor, then you’ll love the home of Corinna of For My Love Of . Corinna’s cozy living room, with its bright plants, vintage furniture, and spaces for both resting and playing, is her favorite place in the 1954 ranch home that she shares with her husband and son (who she charmingly nicknames “Hubby” and “Wubby”):

This is where my son and I play Legos and hot wheels. This is where my husband and I catch up on our day. This is where I unwind at the end of a day, focusing my attention on the warm glow of a salt lamp and the life of all the greenery brings me cheer.

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3. Liza America’s Host

“It’s about connection, not perfection.” That’s the awesome motto of Liza Utter, the entertainment guru behind Liza America’s Host. When we asked Liza to share what gave her home its heart and soul, she showed us the charming European-style farmhouse table where her loved ones gather for meals, coffee, and just about everything:

If my dining room table could talk, oh the stories it would tell. Stories of lively celebrations, raucous nights, laughing attacks, fist-pounding-nose-snorting hilarity. Story telling, joke telling, food fights, dinner games…Sad news, bad news, life lessons, loss, grief, tears, longing…If life experiences create soulfulness, then this table is an old soul.

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Top Image Credit: Liza America’s Host

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