There is a new trend in kitchen design: massive tile backsplash walls. Many well-designed kitchens incorporate cabinetry and tile in such a way that the tile becomes more dominant than the painted walls or cabinetry.  Tile can be a great way to add color, pattern, and style. It’s easy to wipe down and maintain – very important in the often-messy kitchen. Tile can also help reflect light into the space, opening up the room and making it feel larger. Under cabinet lighting can also help to show off tile colors and patterns.

How to choose the right tile

When selecting tile for your backsplash, it’s important to get samples and compare the tile with all of your other kitchen elements. If possible, temporarily affix your tile samples to the backsplash area so you can live with it for a while. Keep in mind that the backsplash area is nearly at eye level, making it a natural place to rest the eye. So choose a pattern or color that you can live with for awhile. Even if you choose a neutral color, remember that the color of the grout and how the tile is placed on the wall can make a bold statement – even with plain, white tile.

1. Marble subway tile

This gray marble subway tile complements the darker stone countertop and beautifully blends the dark and the light elements of this kitchen.

2. Dynamic detail

The dynamic detail of this tile gives a lot of movement and direction in this zen-like kitchen. It also helps break up the dominant wood in the room.

3. Monochromatic

Using the same material on the countertops as well as the wall works well for this monochromatic kitchen. The veining creates movement and color variation.

4. Playful pattern

The small square tiles laid in a diamond pattern, create a playful but subtle pattern. The reflective tile helps bring in more light into the space.

5. Colorful statement

This beautiful blue tile makes a colorful statement in this contemporary kitchen. The bold blue picks up the same hue in the glassware and really shows off the pops of orange. The heavy crackle or crazing makes for a vintage, uneven appearance.

6. Classic white

White tiles, laid in a subway (or offset) pattern, is a classic way to employ tile on the walls. This type of pattern will work with a wide range of kitchen styles and materials, making this a long-lasting project.

7. Brick

Brick, or brick veneer, is a great way to add a rustic touch to a kitchen. Next to sleek, and shiny surfaces, this brick gives a wonderfully worn-in look to this space.

8. Unique pattern

Using several colors of tile, and applying them in a random pattern, livens up this kitchen and makes for a great visual draw into the room. Not having a standard pattern makes the wall very unique and personal and the variations of color help blend the different hues within the kitchen.

9. Mosaic art

This mosaic, full of color and various sizes, act like a piece of art within the kitchen. The patterns and colors help blend the various materials, colors, and patterns within the space – making for a cohesive and exclusive kitchen.

How would you tile your kitchen backsplash? Share your ideas in the comments below!