These lone light fixtures dropped from the ceiling have quickly become a popular lighting trend found in many homes. When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your kitchen, consider picking pendant lights to hang above your kitchen island or dining table. Depending on the design of your kitchen, there are plenty of pendants to suit your style.

From layering teardrop glass pendant lights to hanging unique geometric lanterns, take a look at a few fun and fresh pendant lights to get inspired to reinvent your kitchen space.

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1. Mason jar pendants

Crafty and creative, try using glass jars as your hanging pendant lights. You can DIY or buy unique mason jar pendant lights and cascade them from a chandelier or hang them individually for a rustic twist on your kitchen lighting.

2. Geometric cage lights

Cage-shaped and crafted from metal, these geometric pendant lights are the perfect addition to a modern home. Hang them as a single lamp or bunch a few together for a layered look.

3. Large industrial-style pendants

Stainless steel sweeps this modern farmhouse kitchen design with large, glossy hanging pendants above a marble countertop. Great for task illumination plus an industrial style, these pendant lights will instantly brighten up a room.

4. Mismatched glass pendants

Mix glass pendants of different shapes, colors, and sizes for a contemporary laid-back look. These mismatched glass pendant lights add a playful vibe to a sophisticated kitchen design.

5. Vintage light bulbs

Add an industrial feel to your kitchen with vintage hanging light bulb pendants. Group a few mini exposed bulb lights together and hang from cords for a fun, retro dining area.

6. Oversized dome pendants

Large, dome-shaped pendants go big in style and size. The simple and smooth design will round out any room and offer plenty of light for cooking and entertaining.

Which style of pendant lighting would you decorate your home with? Tell us your favorite in the comments below!