How long it takes to install, repair or replace gutters will depend greatly on the overall scope of the project. But being proactive in managing the variables that can come up will help ensure that your project comes in on schedule. Being aware of the factors that can impact the schedule, and communicating with your contractor or installer, can help keep this home improvement project on time.

The budget can affect your schedule

It is difficult to quantify how much a gutter installation and maintenance project will cost because it varies according to the size of your property and specific gutter requirements. Labor and material costs will also depend upon the project at hand. Having a clear understanding of your gutter costs prior to starting the work is a responsible part of home ownership. If you need to negotiate the budget, or if you go back and forth on various contractual items, understand that this may delay the project. Most contractors or installers won’t start work until a contract has been signed.

If the work has started and you need to redefine or cut back on the budget, understand that this might affect your time line. Additionally, if your budget is tight, you might not be able to afford quick shipments or additional time-related items.

Material costs and deadlines

Before your project begins, you would have selected your style and color of gutters. You would have also discussed any additional work that might need to be done such as re-routing the downspouts or any other structural fixes. Your gutter company should advise you to the general timeline for ordering, receiving and installing. Should you spend time going back and forth on the type of gutter, or change your mind after the order has been place, keep in mind that you will most likely delay your project. Custom orders may charge a fee for changes, and will definitely add to the timeline.

Permits and inspections

Local authority permits may have to be obtained by the contractor and this can take time. A gutter replacement generally doesn’t require a permit. However, if the gutter project is hinging on a different project that does require permitting, your schedule could be affected.

Contractor’s schedule, holidays and weather

The house owner should ask the gutter contractor what are the busiest times of year for him and if there are any delays which may affect the completion date of the gutter and maintenance project. If a delay is expected it may be necessary to file a change order signed by both parties with the contract. Delays may occur because of public holidays or acts of nature, which may prevent work on the project. Delays may occur because of public holidays or acts of nature, which may prevent work on the project.


Top image credit: A&W Power Washing LLC