As of 2023, an estimated 50 million people are working as content creators in some capacity. While most consider themselves amateurs, around 450,000 are full-time creators, with less than 15 percent earning $50,000 annually. 

Whether you’re a full-time online influencer or making an additional income blogging, there is one important thing you’ll need: a fast, reliable internet connection. The internet has made it easier for creators to share their work with a global audience. Content creators can upload their work to various platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and others, and reach a potentially unlimited number of people.

Becoming a successful content creator means uploading seamless, engaging content. Make sure that your home Wifi setup is ready for your new career as a writer, photographer, blogger, online artist, or live streamer with these six tips. 

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Why internet speed matters

Your internet bandwidth includes both upload and download speed. Knowing the bandwidth you’re currently working with is a great starting point. If you’re working with a bad internet connection, you might find that some of the content you record is choppy or unclear. 

For example, many podcasts have been recorded remotely with guests online since the pandemic started. This involves many moving pieces — your internet connection, the guest’s internet connection, and the sound engineer’s connection. So long as your connection and the engineer’s connections are solid, you’ll probably end up with a good podcast episode. 

Ultimately, the better your upload and download speed, the less time you’ll spend editing your content or apologizing to your audience for a choppy livestream. So, what can you do to improve your internet speed? 

1. Use a wired connection 

Many people rely on Wifi, but a wired internet connection is often more secure and faster to boot. Fiber internet speeds are best for online content creation; however, fiber is only available in select areas. Until then, a wired connection is the better choice for influencers. 

Benefits over Wifi

Cable internet providers can go up to a thousand megabits per second, which is great for recording content online. The download speed for a wired connection tends to be faster than the upload speed, but as long as you get at least 20 megabits per second, you’re in good shape to launch your career as a content creator

Plus, you won’t have to worry about sharing the internet with your kid doing homework or your partner checking their emails. When multiple devices are connected to the Wifi, each pulls some power from the connection. 

How to set up your wired connection 

You can bundle the internet with your cable provider or pay for the internet by itself. Depending on which service provider you choose, the company may send someone out to install in-wall cables and help with setup. You can also hire someone to install a wired internet connection.

Use quality cables 

Make sure to avoid kinks and bends in the connecting ethernet cable. A longer cable may offer more recording flexibility but can also cause signal loss. Invest in shielded cables, and set up your cables out of the way of foot traffic. Simple cord control management will keep your setup secure for years. internet

2. Try a mesh Wifi system 

A mesh Wifi setup includes two to three different Wifi access points around your house. This gives you better internet access, even if you’re far from the main source of the internet. 

Usually, Wifi systems have one main access point. Most people set this up in their home office or by their entertainment system. Having only one access point limits internet performance based on how far you are from the main access point and how many people in your home use the same access point to connect their devices to the internet. 

Tips for buying a mesh Wifi system 

  • If you want to upgrade your Wifi, look for a Wifi 6 router. This newer router is compatible with most devices, but it’s worth doing a little research before you spend the money. 
  • Check the number of nodes your mesh system has. If you live in a larger property, you may need more than three access points. Read customer reviews and research internet speeds when purchasing a mesh Wifi router. 
  • A good mesh Wifi system should be easy to set up and manage. Look for a user-friendly app or interface that allows you to manage your network and connected devices easily.

3. Manage your network 

Once your network is up and running, you can make it work for your content creation business. It’s not uncommon to run into problems with Wifi connections, but there are things you can do to optimize your network. Often, simply checking the status of websites, you can address any issues related to your network, such as downtime or slow loading speeds.

Check your router settings 

Optimize your router for your online influencer business. You must log in to your router’s software to rename your network, modify your password, and set the security level.

To access your router, you’ll need your IP address. Enter the router firmware through a browser and enter the correct IP address to access your internet settings. In addition to adjusting security settings, you can create a guest Wifi network or manage devices connected to the network. 

If you created a unique password for your router, keep it in a secure place so you don’t forget. If your internet service provider including the router with the setup, you may be able to call them for assistance in the event that you forget your password. 

Control bandwidth usage 

If your network is overworked, its performance will suffer. Large downloads, like computer updates, can cause a bottleneck and slow things down. If you share the network with editors, other content creators, or your family, their internet usage could impact yours. 

If you use Windows 10, you can enable a metered connection. This prevents some Windows updates from being installed automatically and slowing everything down. You can also limit data usage. Set these limits for certain days or periods when you’re working to avoid unnecessary downloads while trying to create content. 

Monitor network usage 

If you run a content creation company or marketing team with content creators, services are available to keep the various functions of your online business running smoothly without interfering with bandwidth. Do your research and find the company that works best for your online business. 

Secure your network

Make sure you and your employees follow standard security when using the internet. Keep your passwords current, stay off sketchy websites, and use password-protector software to keep everything updated, safe, and monitored. 

4. Use a VPN 

A virtual private network provides even more security when you connect to the internet. VPNs hide your IP address when you use the internet, keeping your activity online private and your identity safe. If you run a Patreon, a VPN might be a great option for you and your collaborators to work together safely online. 

Your curated content will be protected from hackers and bad actors. If you run a content creator company or work for one, the VPN encrypts all of your proprietary info, even if you’re on public Wifi. Just like you can adjust your router, you can adjust VPN speeds. Change protocol settings or pair the VPN with antivirus software for additional security. Investing in a VPN will improve your internet experience. 

Choose a reliable VPN provider 

Read reviews, check tech websites, and ask your favorite IT friend for a recommendation. Content creators benefit from secure uploads, protected identities, and working safely with others in different locations. 

Use VPN split tunneling 

VPN split tunneling lets you route some of your applications or devices through an encrypted VPN while others have direct access to the internet. This way, if you’re running a content creator business from home, not everyone in the house will be able to access the VPN — but they can still use the internet. 

content creator

5. Optimize your Wifi  

Are you getting the download and upload speeds you pay for? If you notice issues, test the internet speed and get in touch with your service provider. 

Use Quality of Service (QoS)

This tool trains your router to divide your available bandwidth between different applications and programs. QoS distributes bandwidth where it’s most needed. If you’re online recording a podcast and your kids start watching Netflix, QoS ensures that your connection’s quality won’t drop. 

Use a Wifi range extender 

This is a good alternative if you’re not ready to invest in a mesh Wifi system. The range extender gives you more flexibility about where you can connect to the internet without losing the quality of your connection.

Reduce Wifi interference 

Close apps on your phone that you’re not using stop streaming your favorite Netflix series in the background, and give your Wifi the bandwidth it needs to upload your latest makeup tutorial or movie review vlog. 

Use a Wifi analyzer 

This third-party app is especially useful if you work in a public place like a coffee shop. An analyzer will help you identify network problems, find the best channel to connect you and provide useful information about public Wifi signals around you. 

6. Upgrade your plan 

As more people work from home, more people are upgrading their internet plans. Make sure your plan works best for your goals as an online influencer. There are many ways you can improve your content creation using smart technology. You’ll need to make sure your Internet setup can handle the extra technology. For example, you can use smart teleprompters for your podcast or create a studio with smart lighting. Good lighting for vlogging or shooting photos is another crucial factor when it comes to creating engaging content. It can make a significant difference in the quality of your content. When setting up your space for video creation, aim for natural, soft light or even go for smart technology such as smart bulbs. If you’re on a tight budget, there are programs available to help you pay for better internet service.

Choose a plan according to your needs 

The type of internet service you need depends on the content you want to create. Video streamers and podcasters may need faster upload speeds than freelance writers or Etsy store owners. 

Compare plans 

The commercials are everywhere, but you like your internet provider. Still, your best choice might be switching providers completely to get the internet you need as a content creator. 

Check for promotions 

Many internet providers bundle their services with cable and even home security. If you’re working from home, this is a great way to improve your internet, get better TV shows, and feel safer in your house.  

At the end of the day, your internet service is crucial to your success as a content creator. By investing a little bit in your home internet now, you may enjoy life’s perks as a social influencer later. 

If it’s your goal to supplement your income through content creation, switch to a new full-time job as a creator, or even enjoy free PR packages by reviewing your favorite brands, you need to be posting online regularly and with good content. Becoming a successful content creator means uploading seamless, engaging content, including captivating short-form video content. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, blogger, online artist, or live streamer, incorporating short-form videos into your repertoire can significantly boost your online presence and captivate your audience’s attention. Make sure that your home Internet setup is ready with these six tips.