Home security systems are one of the primary, and effective, ways to deter criminals from breaking into your home. With many home security systems on the market, it’s important to get educated on the options available to you. There are two main types of security systems, hardwired systems and wireless systems.

Hardwired systems

Hardwired systems are considered the traditional type of home security systems. Sensors are placed on doors and windows and are wired to a main control panel. Advantages to hardwired systems are their reliability, backup batteries in case of a power outage, and they are less susceptible to electrical interference from other devices. However, they are typically more expensive and are not as easy to install.

Wireless systems

Wireless systems are newer to the market. They are incredibly easy and quick to install, and can be done so by placing sensors throughout your house that transmit signals to a control panel. Conveniences to wireless systems is the ability to control the system through multiple devices (such as a computer, tablet, or phone), and with upgraded packages you can integrate your thermostat, lights, and door locks into your wireless system. This allows people to turn off lights and turn down the thermostat when no one is home, ultimately helping conserve energy and save money. However, because wireless systems sensors are battery operated, homeowners and renters need to be diligent to make sure batteries are charged. Additionally, wireless systems can have sensory issues in larger homes due to the distance between sensors and the control panel.


The price for these systems will vary depending on where you live and the size of your house, so the best thing to do is to call your local home security company and speak with a professional to get an accurate pricing quote.

So which is a better system for your home? Much of your decision should be weighted on what works best for your budget and your priorities. The best thing that you can do as a homeowner or renter is to look into all your options before deciding between hardwired or wireless security systems. A great way you can start your research is searching for security and alarm professionals on Porch.com.

Top image credit: Geddes Ulinskas Architects