A sense of camaraderie and sharing similar interests with others is a great way to foster relationships, make friends, and do the things you enjoy. If you’re thinking about starting a club at home, the possibilities are endless. Clubs aren’t just for kids. There are many fantastic club ideas for adults that you can start yourself to find people near you who have the same passion for the things you love. If you’re thinking about starting a club at home, read on for some tips and creative ideas to inspire you.

How to Start

Before you send out invitations to your new club, there are a few things to plan. Here’s how to start a club with a few basics to set the foundation for success.

Identify the objective. Think about the reason why you’re starting a club. Is it to help local charities? Perhaps you aim to find fellow bookworms who can encourage each other to read the latest novel. When you identify your objective, your new club will be much easier to form. People need to have a goal or reason to join, so this step is crucial if you plan to start a successful club at home.

Set up a meeting point. You can hold club meetings almost anywhere, but it’s a good idea to choose a place that everyone can agree upon. If you feel comfortable, you can host the club in your own home, but you might run out of room once you have many members. The local library, restaurants, and quiet coffee shops are all excellent meeting points. You can also rotate meetings between the different club members’ homes if you choose. Your club’s meeting point will depend on the type of club you have. For example, a movie club will need a place to screen films, while a meditation club requires a peaceful and quiet meeting place with no interruptions.

Set up a date and time. Once your club gets established, you’ll need to determine a set meeting date and time. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on what your members want. Take a vote and ask everyone what days and times are best for them. An evening meeting is ideal if you have club members who work during the day, while mid-afternoon can be a good time for mothers with young children in school or daycare.

Members. Recruiting members for your club is easy, thanks to the Internet and social media. Set up a Facebook page for your club and announce that you’re looking for members. Ask current members to spread the word to others about the club, too. Word of mouth is the absolute best way to encourage other people to join your club.


Club Ideas

Here are some creative and fun club ideas to help you have fun with friends, learn fun hobbies, or spend time with people who share your interests.

Book club: If you love books, this club is a perfect choice for you. Start by picking out a book you’re interested in, then engage others and ask if they’d be interested in reading it and discussing it. A book club can easily be hosted in your home. Serve snacks and beverages during club meetings and ask members to suggest a new book for the next time. Every time a new book is announced, let members know when to plan for the next meeting so they have time to read it. It’s a great way to discuss books together with friends and learn about new authors.

Board games: Fans of board games can easily start a fun club with others. Gather your members together and play new games at each meeting. This type of club is extremely laid-back and great for adults who enjoy a little bit of friendly competition. You can host this club at your home or another member’s home, and drinks and snacks are always welcome. Ask members to bring a food item if they would like to contribute.

Crocheting or sewing: If you love sewing and crocheting, starting a club is a fun way to meet others who share your passion for this hobby. Meet at the local fabric store to find new yarn colors and new sewing accessories. You can meet at a local church or someone’s home and get together as you work on your latest creations. A crochet club is a wonderful way to share tips and tricks of the trade while you learn new sewing or crocheting skills, too.

Wine club: Wine enthusiasts are passionate about this beverage, so starting a club should be reasonably easy. Come up with a safe meeting place where you can gather and enjoy the latest releases of wine or try an amazing vintage. If you’re the host of the club, offer the first bottle, then ask each member to bring a new one each time you meet going forward. You can also serve a beautiful fruit and cheese board or some delicious dark chocolates with your wine to enhance the experience.

Cooking club: People passionate about food and cooking will love to join this type of club. This is a great way to share and learn new recipes, enjoy a meal together, and engage in great conversation about cooking techniques. Host your meetings as little or as often as you like, making it fun by offering new dishes and ideas each time. Have everyone bring an ingredient to share so that the host doesn’t have to provide the entire meal themselves. Once the cooking is done, you can sit down and break bread together as you chat and enjoy great conversations.

Flower arrangement: If you’re into plants and flowers, start a gardening or flower arrangement club. Look for the latest flowers in season and get together to create new, beautiful arrangements. Your club can give the finished product to friends, family members, or charities. This club can be hosted at a home or your local nursery if they have the available space. It’s an excellent way to learn more about gardening, flowers, and how to create a beautiful arrangement for everyone to enjoy.

Meditation club: Meditating is a great way to relieve stress and reset. Host your club in a quiet place where people won’t be bothered by outside noise. A lovely park, woodland, or yoga studio are all great places to host this club. Practice and learn new meditation styles or simply get together and enjoy a silent, relaxing meditation session every week or month.

Movie club: Fans of films will love to be part of an exciting movie club. You can talk about new releases, revisit old classics, and discuss the movie as a group. Movie clubs can be hosted at a home, or meetings can be held remotely. As long as every member sees the film, you can discuss it practically anywhere. If you’re hosting a meeting, serve popcorn and drinks or appetizers to make the event even more fun.

Charity club: A charity club is a wonderful way to give back to your community and to help others in need. Determine what the primary purpose of your club will be and what charities you plan to work with. You can contribute to several local charities or simply choose one to focus on. Either way, this is an excellent opportunity to extend a helping hand, volunteer your time, and contribute in your own unique ways. Fundraisers, food drives, and fun runs are all great ways your club can participate.

Puzzle club: Puzzles are becoming popular again, so this is a perfect time to start a club. Gather your members together to work on a giant puzzle as a group, or you can set up tables where members can pair up and complete a smaller puzzle. You can host contests and give out prizes or simply host meetings where members can relax as they work on the puzzle and enjoy each other’s company.


Social distancing tips

If you want or need to practice social distancing, it’s still easy to host most club meetings. Start a Facebook group where members can chime in, contribute to the conversation, or ask questions. You can also hold your meetings via Zoom so that everyone can see each other and stay engaged. If you start a book club, movie club, crochet club, or meditation club, having socially distanced meetings should be reasonably straightforward. It might be tough to hold a cooking club remotely; however, it can be done. Have one member perform the cooking via webcam while the others watch the demonstration or work on their recipes simultaneously. You can host online watch parties for your movie club. Get creative if you need to have your club meetings at a distance, and remember to encourage all members to contribute.

Whether you’re into books, movies, wine, or sewing, it’s easy to start your own club at home. Use these tips and suggestions to guide you as you gather new members and schedule meetings. A club offers people a wonderful way to feel connected and share the things they love most with others, so use these ideas to start your own club today.