If you love to play a great game of poker with your friends, having an awesome space to entertain will make every game night even more fun and exciting. There are lots of benefits to having your very own private poker room. Setting up an amazing space is a wonderful way to entertain your friends. This room can also be your very own “man (or woman) cave” where you can escape and relax at the end of a stressful day. When designing your game room, feel free to include anything you want to make it more entertaining and fun—whether it’s a nice flat-screen TV, a bar, or a pool table. Read on for some tips to help you design the ultimate poker room for endless fun.

Plan Your Space

Once you decide on the part of your home to designate as your card room, it’s time to do some planning. Here are a few steps to keep in mind as you plan the ultimate poker room.

The table goes first. Choose a high-quality poker table, since this will be the main focal point and most purposeful item in the room. You don’t have to splurge on a professional table, but something dedicated to serious card-playing is ideal. If you’re short on floor space, look for a removable tabletop that you can put away and store when you’re not getting together for a few rounds of cards. Ideally, the table will be the focus of the room, so choose something nice and durable that will last.

Seating and furniture. Since your guests will be seated around the table for hours, it’s important to add comfortable seating. You can look online for some inspiration to help you find the perfect chairs. Make sure your seating has ample cushioning and plenty of support for those long nights of poker. The goal is to make sure everyone is comfy and relaxed while you play for hours into the night.

Add a bar. If you really want to make your poker game room the ultimate entertaining space, a nice home bar is a smart choice. Stock your bar with plenty of beverages and glassware for easy serving. A mini-fridge is another good choice, especially if you plan to serve beer, so you don’t have to keep wandering back and forth from the kitchen. A bar will really turn this room into the ultimate fun cave and make it more than just a room for playing cards.

Lighting. The lighting is extremely important in a poker room. You want the light to be bright enough so that everyone can easily read their cards, but not too bright that it’s blinding or creating a distracting glare. Choose an overhead pendant light or chandelier that hangs right above the table. A dimmer switch will give you more control, and you can make everything brighter or dimmer depending on your needs. Overhead recessed lights (“can lights”) or track lighting around the edges of the room will add brightness and make it easy for players to see their cards without having to strain their eyes.

Color schemes. A classic card room has dark wood tones, but you can also go with something unique, too. Consider creating a casino room theme using colors like black, white, and red with touches of gold for flair. Small rooms should have lighter hues to make the space feel larger. If your poker room is big, feel free to use darker tones, like rich browns and wood tones of cherry or mahogany for a sophisticated look and feel.

Build Your Poker Room: DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

You probably won’t have a separate addition built onto your home for your poker-playing enjoyment, but there are some things you may need to change or build to make this room complete. Check out these add-ons that you can include to create the ultimate poker room, and find out whether it’s best to do it yourself or consult a pro.

There are a few projects you can tackle yourself, but sometimes, it might be best to call in the professionals. Here are some pros and cons of doing some things DIY versus hiring a pro.

Building the bar. If you want to bring a bar into the room, look for freestanding bars that you can purchase at most furniture stores. Building a custom bar is great, but this is a job that can be difficult unless you have experience in carpentry. A DIY built-in bar requires time, patience, tools, and skills — but it can be quite rewarding once it’s done. Hire a pro if you’re planning to add a large built-in bar that may require structural changes to ensure it’s done right. A professional carpenter will make sure that your bar is level and built to last.

Lighting. Some lighting can be installed by you yourself since it’s likely just a matter of changing out one fixture for another. However, if you need to have new wiring installed for more lighting, hiring a professional electrician is a must. These pros will make sure that your poker room’s lighting is up to code and that it’s safe in order to prevent an accidental fire.

Putting up TVs. You can hang a flatscreen TV on the wall of your poker room for extra entertainment. Make sure you mount it to the studs so that the weight of the TV is supported. Only use a mounting bracket that’s designed for your specific make and model of TV. If you’re not sure how to put the TV up safely, there are professionals who specialize in this very thing. You may also be able to hire someone to mount your TV when you buy it – this service is offered at some major electronics retailers for a small additional fee.

Flooring. A simple area rug can add flair and color to your poker room. If you’d rather remove your current flooring and install something new, you might want to hire a pro. Some flooring is easy to install DIY, like tongue-and-groove laminate planks or individual carpet tiles. Real porcelain or ceramic tile and hardwood are usually more difficult, so it might be better to hire a pro if you decide to go with these types of flooring material.

Enhancing your poker room and customizing it yourself is a fun project, but not all jobs can be done completely DIY. Buying a separate bar or switching out a few light fixtures is something you can easily do on your own

However, more intense jobs like installing new electrical wiring, removing and installing new flooring, or adding built-ins should be reserved for the professionals whenever possible. When you hire a pro, everything will be up to code, safe, and most jobs come with a limited warranty in case something goes wrong. 

Try to get at least three estimates from contractors to ensure that you’re getting the best price. Don’t forget to reach out to friends and family members for referrals, too. 

Enjoy It

Once you have everything set up just the way you want it, it’s time to relax and enjoy your new poker-playing space. You can plan a special “grand opening” poker night and invite your friends over for the big reveal and a few rounds of cards. Here are a few things to do before you play a few games of poker in the new card room so that everyone has a ball.

Stock the bar. Fill your bar with a variety of beverages for your guests to enjoy. Make sure you include a variety of beers and different alcoholic drinks so you can make custom cocktails. Gin, vodka, whiskey, and tequila are all good starting points. You should also stock up on some bottles of wine and wine coolers, just so everyone has options, and provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for those who prefer not to drink alcohol. Don’t forget to fill your bar with plenty of drinkware, mixing accessories, and coasters to keep everything clean. A small fridge or a nice cooler will help to keep the drinks ice cold.

Add some decorations. Add some unique decor to your gaming room by considering incorporating playing card art into the design. From hanging framed prints or canvas paintings featuring classic playing card designs to using actual playing cards as wall decorations or even building a custom poker table with playing card graphics. Adding decoration that matches your room can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your gaming space.

Invite your buddies over. Your new room is ready for poker night, and it’s time to show it off. Invite your friends over to check out your new space and watch the big game or play a few rousing rounds of poker. Don’t forget that you can enjoy this room for more than just playing cards. Have guests over any time you want to just hang out and relax. Whether it’s a new movie release, a sports tournament, or a birthday celebration, the key is to fully enjoy this space and to make sure that it becomes everyone’s favorite hangout spot.

Designing your own custom poker room is a rewarding experience. Take your time, and plan the room’s color scheme, furniture, and add-ons in advance so that everything is perfectly in place. There are tons of things you can do yourself, but be sure to hire the pros if you’re in need of a little extra help. With the right design, you’ll have the ultimate poker room in the comfort of your own home for endless nights of fun and entertainment.