Creating the perfect gaming room to play or stream is every gamer’s dream. You can do infinite things to personalize a gaming den in your house.

If you are lucky enough to have a basement or an extra space in your home that you can use as a game room, then you should ensure that it is the most fun and engaging area in the house. However, if you really want to make a splash, then instead of throwing in a bunch of laptops, televisions, video game systems, and random toys into a room, you should design it with style and make it as functional as possible.

Nowadays, gaming is gaining more popularity, and people who ever thought of making a living out of it are having success at what they love doing the most. Whether you want to build a gaming room for your enjoyment or for others to watch you play online, having a designated and personalized place is key.

We’ve reached out to professionals with all the insights and experience in topics like Design, Gaming, the Gaming Industry, Streaming, Game Guides, Products Reviews, and more to help you get all the answers you seek about gaming and streaming online.

Online gaming can allow children to connect with others and help them have fun while being somewhat social, but there are plenty of risks. Any child participating in online gaming should have a parent closely monitoring them to curb possible dangers before they become an issue. Read more on this article about the risks and tips to avoid them.

Are dual monitors something gamers use? If so, what’s the best setup for gaming?

Absolutely! The dual-monitor setup is very popular among gamers as it helps them unclutter the main screen. When playing shooter games such as Apex Legends and Anthem, the secondary screen comes in handy to keep an eye on the leaderboard and map without losing focus from the action.

The setup works wonders for simulation games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and iRacing where you can move all the gauges onto the secondary panel. Those who can shell out more money can even go for a multi-monitor setup that offers a more immersive panoramic view.

If you are a professional gamer who streams on YouTube and Twitch, then a dual monitor setup is a no-brainer. Popular gamers utilize the secondary display to seamlessly chat and interact with followers and viewers. Pulling off the same thing on a single screen will be nigh impossible without interrupting your gameplay.

It is also a must-have for those who own a gaming laptop. No matter how good your laptop’s screen is, it can’t beat a decently sized external monitor. Another argument in favor of a dual monitor setup is the redundancy. Even if one display fails, you don’t have to quit gaming until your new monitor arrives. It is always good to have a backup, isn’t it?

There’s no best way to approach the dual monitor setup. It all depends on your budget and existing hardware. You have the option to choose from dirt cheap LCDs to premium OLED monitors. If you’re adding a second display to your existing desktop, you should ideally try and match the size of your current monitor. This saves you from the discomfort caused by the excessive change in eye level when moving from one display to the other. Similarly, placing them at the same height keeps neck movement to a minimum. Expert Care For Your Devices

What should I know about gamified learning?

A safe way for children to enjoy gaming is at school. Gamified learning is on the up, with educators leaning into adding games to lessons as a mechanic to increase student engagement and attainment levels. Learning and having fun? It’s the best of both worlds!
Online platforms like Quizalize are used by millions of students around the world. Students take educational quizzes that feed into epic game overlays, entertaining and motivating even the keenest of gamers. Protected by the safety of the classroom and closed-group games only including themselves and their fellow classmates, options like Quizalize Games satisfy a child’s desire to game while also facilitating learning and academic advancement.

What are the most valuable features to help you build a gaming PC to maximize your gaming experience?

Every PC gamer knows that the most important elements in any gaming PC are the graphics card (or GPU) and the CPU. A good chip paired with the right GPU means great graphics and frame rate in games as well as minimal lagging. For both of these parts, choose the latest models that your budget allows you to.

For graphics cards, currently, the best options are the Nvidia GeForceRTX (30 and 16 series) as well as AMD Radeon (6000 and 5000 series).

For CPUs, you have the recent models from AMD Ryzen (5000, 7000, and 9000 series) and Intel Core (i5, i7, and i9).

Keep in mind that a low frame rate monitor could bottleneck the FPS produced by some high-performance GPU cards. There is probably no need to go for the expensive 120 Hz options, but you definitely may want to consider a 75 Hz+ monitor for a smoother experience.

When it comes to storage, SSD is your choice. The top of the line next-gen model is PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs. If you would like something less pricey, get a PCIe 3.0 SSD. Make sure you buy an SSD with a compatible interface for your PC and choose one with at least 512 GB of storage space.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t afford to get all the best parts right away. You can start with less expensive components and then upgrade them one by one- this is one of the advantages of building your own PC. However, there are also ways to improve your performance even while using a lower-spec machine. There are applications that let you click a button to enable “gaming mode” on your computer. It usually works by disabling services and processes that aren’t needed during play, which helps maximize resource availability. Although this won’t replace having a top-of-the-line gaming rig, it can be a good solution while you’re saving up for those fancy new parts. 

Vlad Topchev
Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd


What specs should you look for when searching for the perfect gaming webcam?

The quality of the picture depends not only on the webcam but on your lighting setup as well. Positioning of your camera matters, too. So, never rely on your webcam only. If you can ONLY put the camera above the monitor, then you need a better webcam.

Try using a tripod, even the cheapest one. Try positioning the camera below the monitor or at the side for a better picture.

With good lighting, even the cheapest webcam picture quality will match that of a pricey one. And when I say “good”, I don’t mean just bright, but moody and atmospheric, too.

The ring light (cheapest USB one for selfies) will help you to highlight the face. But, if possible, try making your background a solid color with the help of some RGB lights.

And now let’s talk webcam specs. Even if you don’t want to use the green screen, try buying at least a Full HD camera. 60 FPS will be best, but it is not a necessity. Autofocus helps too, but it’s also optional.

You need at least an FHD web camera with 1/4 inch thread for a tripod. Save a few bucks on a webcam, buy a ring light, and see the world of difference.

Vladislav Surkov

What makes a game interesting for the streamer to play and the audience to watch?

According to Twitch Tracker, the top streamed games are League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto, Valorant, and Minecraft. Other MMO (massively multiplayer online) games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite also have high viewership rates.  This data might lead a new streamer to believe that they should focus on one of these games, but that’s not true. These games combined only account for approximately 25% of Twitch’s total viewership, and with the big-time streamers taking up the majority of the audience, there’s not much room for new or small streamers to shine.

Over 2 million people watch over 20,000 different games every day on Twitch, which means there is plenty of room for streamers outside of the top-watched games. Streamers should focus on games they love and are passionate about rather than the top viewed games.

A streamer’s knowledge of and passion for a game is what makes a stream interesting. Viewers want to watch players who know what they are doing, who can complete run-throughs in record times, show them secrets hidden in dungeons, or defeat enemies with special moves. Streamers who aren’t experts can make the broadcast enjoyable by showing their passion for the game. Viewers will want to root for the underdog and share joy and success when the streamer finally defeats a difficult level.

Another advantage to choosing less popular games is that there will be less competition. It is more likely that a viewer will find a small streamer of a game with only 20 competitors than a large game with thousands of competing channels.

Ultimately, streaming a favorite game rather than a popular game is the best way to create an engaging broadcast and build dedicated followership.

Melanie Allen @ Wealth of Geeks

When it comes to controllers for gaming, what specifications should be your top 3 highlights when buying one?

The most common controller for PC is probably the XBOX series due to its perfect compatibility, but if you want to go for more advanced models, check out my top 3 highlights when picking a controller.

No. 1 – vibration feedback. Many phones nowadays use a linear motor (actuator) to create satisfying vibrations in people’s hands, and high-end gaming controllers do the same to provide a more immersive experience when players encounter explosions or collisions in games. I haven’t tried many controllers in my life, but I guarantee you the vibrations created by an average motor vs. a premium motor are day and night.

No. 2 – buttons, joy-cons, and customization. Whether it’s the placements, feedback, or smoothness, they all play a crucial role in your overall gaming experience. Bad joy-con smoothness makes you move slow or inaccurately in games, while mushy buttons make you unable to or accidentally trigger actions. So, again, try controllers in-person if available for the best evaluation; if hands-on experiencing isn’t an option, try to look for controllers that have mechanical buttons, linear motors, or offer customization like swappable joy-cons, etc.  

No. 3 – connectivity. There’s normally a noticeable price gap between wired and wireless controllers, but I think the price premium to go wireless is always worth it because it offers unmatched convenience to the game when lounging on your comfy bed, couch, or chair. If the connection stability of Bluetooth is your concern, you can find models with a 2.4GHz dongle that provides extra-low latency and solid connection.

Elisha Liu

How do you choose the right graphics card for gaming?

This differs from what you play, monitor resolution, and budget!

If you are into eSports games like Valorant, League of Legends, and CS: GO then you won’t need the top-tier ones like 3080ti or 3090

If your monitor is 60hz then 1660 or 1660ti is already great for both eSports titles and some big AAA games.

If your monitor is 120hz to 144hz on 1080 – 1440p resolution then you might want to check the mid-tier graphics cards like RTX 3060, 3070, 6600 XT, or 6700 XT.

If your monitor is 120hz to 144hz on 4K native resolution then go for higher ones like 3070ti to 3080.

Anything that is 240hz + running on 4K native resolution then go for the top-tier graphics cards like 3080ti and 3090


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How do you separate your social and gaming time in life? 

“I’ve been working from home for more than 10 years now, and it comes with a lot of challenges.

Scheduling when everything “should” happen is the biggest one of them since I’m always “available” for friends, family, and games. They’re not, so if I can catch them free when I should be working, I can just work later too!

I do follow a routine though, so 99% of the time, dinner will dictate when work is over, and gaming / social time is up! 

I do end up working after dinner too many times, but that always results in getting my gaming / social time even later, and ruining my whole sleeping schedule!

So it’s definitely a challenge – I try to keep a “10 hours of work / 8 hours of entertainment” balance every day, but if I get greedy with any of them, my sleep will suffer! 

Where it gets even more challenging though, is arranging any social activities outside the house! Having to be present at a specific time and day is extremely hard to handle when bombarded by hundreds of tasks and requests at any time.”

Babalon, Mother of Abominations

Altar of Gaming

What has been the hardest moment you have experienced during a live stream and how did you overcome it?

This happened in 2018 when I used to stream on Twitch more often. I’d normally have an average of 5-10 viewers watching my stream. Mostly playing Rocket League, World of Warcraft, and Fortnite (back when Fortnite was starting to get crazy popular).

I was doing an early morning stream, playing some Rocket League, and was nearing the point of when I’d normally end the stream when all of a sudden my chat started blowing up. I’d never seen so many people talking in my chat at once – what the heck was going on?

It turns out pro Rocket League player for Cloud9 at the time (now plays for NRG), and popular Twitch streamer, SquishyMuffinz had hosted my stream after he ended his.

So I went from 5 or so viewers to almost 3,000 viewers just like that. This was equally the hardest and most exciting moment I experienced during a live stream.

Naturally, the nerves started to kick in and internally I was fighting hard to act normal while trying to be extra entertaining for this huge audience I’d never been exposed to before.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, I was just about to end my stream but there was no way that was going to happen now with this many viewers. I wasn’t complaining though – more viewers is the golden ticket as a streamer.

Psychologically it was quite the trip to be instantly exposed to thousands of people watching you. Something I wasn’t expecting (but always hoping for as a newer streamer), but I managed to overcome this stress by taking some of the biggest breaths I’ve had to date while engaging with the chat to keep me distracted from what just happened.

Mackenzie Peters

Founder of Streamsentials

Many gamers create their streaming space inside their bedroom. Is it really the perfect place? If not, where is the best location for a gaming room?

It’s better to have your streaming space in a completely different room, a room that you dedicate only to streaming and productivity. 

At the same time, you should only associate your bedroom with relaxation and sleep. Separating your streaming space from your bedroom is the best method to maximize your sleep quality and your productivity when streaming. Streaming is incredibly fun; who doesn’t like to play their favorite video games all day? But when you start to take streaming seriously, you will find that you are at your desk for hours at a time with minimal breaks.

It is easier to stay focused and in a gaming mood with a space dedicated solely to gaming and streaming. Then, when it’s time to wrap up the day, you can go into your bedroom for some downtime and relaxation. Your body will start to associate your bedroom with “relaxing,” and you will have an easier time going to sleep. With a dedicated streaming room, you’ll also have a larger space to set up a professional-quality studio with proper lighting and aesthetic background, which increases the quality and aesthetics of your stream. 

If you create your streaming space in your bedroom, you’ll have limited spacing to play around with, which will limit the number of streaming equipment you can use. In most cases, you’re always better off separating your streaming space from your bedroom. But if you don’t have that luxury, you can look into dividing your room into different “sections. For example, you can buy a loft bed and set up your PC underneath. Your bed will be elevated, and you will have to climb up a ladder to get to it. At the same time, you can set up your PC underneath your bed and use that as your streaming space.

If I had a choice, I would pick a completely separate room to set up a streaming space, but if you don’t have the luxury, try and at least separate your room into sections. Having that separation between relaxation and streaming will increase your productivity and quality of sleep.

Lorenzo Francisco

Battlestations Setup

What can a streamer do to capture and maintain attention during a stream?

First contact – Your thumbnail and titles act as billboards to help people decide to hop in your stream or not. You can spark curiosity or tease your prospects with a well designed thumbnail and catchy title.

Consistency – Stick to a schedule. Streaming consistently and frequently isn’t easy, but it’s crucial to your streaming career. Creating a defined schedule around your streaming patterns gives your audience something to look forward to. And as you do that consistently, along with playing the trendy games, you’ll start to capture and grow your audience.

Engagement – Some consider a talkative personality a baseline for a good stream. However, even if you’re a quiet type, you can still maintain attention during your streams. It’s all about keeping the flow. Create a dialogue, talk with your audience, ask them questions and look to connect with them. Dead air can quickly kill the flow of a fun stream. If there’s no conversation to be had, talk through what you’re doing and why. Don’t be scared to experiment with your character or content as you might just create something unique that sticks.

Andrej Kovačević 


What other gaming accessories should you invest in?

One of the most important accessories for any gamer is a gaming chair. Given how much stress long play sessions can put on your body, it’s essential for you to take care of yourself by using a chair that’s designed to be supportive. Look for a chair with ergonomic features that is comfortable and made of durable material.

Another must-have for serious gamers is a headset. It’s worth looking for a well-reviewed model, as the sound quality of your headset will impact your gameplay. In multiplayer games, being able to communicate quickly and clearly with your teammates can be the difference between winning and losing a match.

With so many models to choose from, buying a gaming keyboard can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Take the time to read some reviews and research which features you need most. Your gaming habits will also be a factor in finding the best keyboard for you, as some models are designed for speedy performance, which you may not need if you’re a more casual gamer. Professional gamers may want to invest more in a keyboard that will help them be quicker and more accurate in competition. No matter how serious you are about gaming, it’s always worthwhile to make sure you have the equipment you need to play your best.