Are you familiar with the word “cantilever?” Knowing your home, the parts of your home, and it’s overall style is important. You can use “thingy-ma-jig” or “that thing there” if you’d like, but if you need to describe to a home improvement professional something specific with your home, or need to research online, it’s helpful to know what you’re talking about.

Cantilever is an architectural term that refers to a beam that is anchored at only one point.

Architects refer to cantilever when discussing overhanging planes, like the image below. Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous home design, Fallingwater, utilized a cantilevered design to create strong horizontal planes that appear to magically hang over the water below.


Cantilevered roof.

This cantilevered style is a favorite of modernists as the lack of under supports provides stronger, cleaner architectural lines.


 Cantilevered deck.

Another common usage of “cantilever” is in furniture design. Counter tops, tables and bed frames are some of the examples of using a cantilevered design in the home.


Cantilevered counter top and counter stools.

 Top image credit: Fireclay Tile