Planning for your entryway front door remodel can consist of more tasks than you think. You front door acts as a bridge between the exterior and interior of your house and, aside from your front yard, is one of the first ways to make a good impression. Remodeling your front door or entryway to your home can boost value – not only because of the obvious curb appeal but for valuable safety upgrades. If you’ve decided to spice up your home’s exterior and have realized that your old door doesn’t fit into those plans, you will need to start thinking about how to budget for your front door remodel.

According to the 2016 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value report, the cost of an entry door replacement can range anywhere from $1,335 to $7,971 and has a potential recoup value of 91% to 70%, respectively. Because of the cost-to-value ratio being rather high compared with other home improvement projects, door replacements continue to be one of the most popular projects for homeowners.

Costs involved in a front door remodel

A door seems like a fairly simple thing, so the amount of $3,000 going into it might come as a bit of a shock. Keep in mind that an entryway replacement project involves removing and disposing of your old door along with ordering and installing a new one. You may need to hire a professional contractor to do the work for you if you feel that you’re unequipped or lack the knowledge in this type of remodel. A new door means new locks, or you can upgrade to a keyless locks or combination locks can add safety and ease but are more expensive than the traditional lock and key. The work may involve adding new trim and new casings or you may want glass panes in your door, which will bump the price up a bit too. If your entryway has non-standard dimensions, then you may need to place a special order and have it shipped in, adding even more expenditures. When planning for your front door remodel, there are many factors that have an impact on costs, timeline, and the overall success of your replacement. Consider the following when setting a budget for remodeling your entryway front door:


Doors can be made from wood, steel, copper, fiberglass, or a combination.  You may need to stain or paint your door to achieve a certain look and these additional materials will need to be factored into your budget. Metal doors are very resilient and unlike wood doors, they don’t shrink, sag, warp or rot. Further benefits include lasting finishes, energy efficiency and long-term wear. Ornate steel and wrought iron front doors offer style and security that other doors may lack. Wood doors offer a warm look that may better suit your architectural style. Many doors can be customized through the addition of glass, stain or paint or additional decorative hardware.


Unless you have the skills to put an entryway in on your own, you’re probably looking for a professional to install your front door for you. When deciding whether to DIY or hire a professional for your entryway remodel, be reasonable with the amount of effort you’re willing to put into the project yourself. Hiring a contractor or architect may be beneficial if you’re unsure how to go about your remodel. Adding those sidelights might mean construction work needs to be done. If you’re thinking of updating your lighting, or its position, then you’re also going to need an electrician to change the wiring. The scope of your project will go a long way in determining the total cost of replacing your entryway.  A contractor should be able to provide you with these figures up front and also let you know what he or she can accomplish within the amount you are looking to spend. Factoring in labor costs with an estimate given by your professional will provide you with a better overall projected budget for your front door remodel.

Unexpected occurrences

When renovating your home there is likely to be some unexpected costs. Delays in receiving materials or expediting shipping can also drive costs higher on a project. If you are replacing your door due to insect damage, you may have to call out a pest control specialist to make sure surrounding structures or your new entryway are not affected again. One way to be prepared for these unexpected occurrences that may impact your project’s success is to budget for about 20% for these possible additional costs.

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Top Image Credit: Riverland Homes