We asked Kimbo from A Girl and a Gluegun 16 quirky questions! This DIY blogger dishes on everything from the best project to tackle on a budget, to her biggest DIY fail. Head on over to Kimbo’s blog for some creative hot glue gun projects, and to read the rest of this interview!

What’s your DIY weapon of choice? I do feel a little forced to say my hot glue gun…seeing how that’s the name of my blog–but I really do use it a lot! I made a frame using hot glue…and sometimes I “hem” with it.

What are 3 words to describe your blog? Fast, easy, and cheap (not like Pretty Woman), but I don’t like anything that takes too long. I hate waiting for paint to dry!

Tell us about a time when you had a DIY fail (we’ve all had them!) Ha! That’s the one thing I do love about blogging, when something goes horribly wrong it never has to see the light of day…or blog! I think 1 in 4 of my projects are a fail, but then I rethink and retweak it to make it turn out like how I envisioned it in my head. I recently decided to dip dye the ends of my daughters curtains in pink Rit dye to make a pretty ombre. It was perfect….until I rinsed. The fuchsia pink turned to a pale orange color, the fabric just didn’t hold the dye! So I took a step back and went a different route (fabric paint in case the suspense was killing you!)

Words of wisdom for someone remodeling on a budget? Paint will be your best friend. I can redo a whole room just buy getting some new fabric for pillows, and by painting what I have to match the theme I’m going for. Paint can transform anything!

desk before and afterYellow Desk Makeover

How did you become interested in blogging? My husband was commuting, he would be gone for two weeks and then home for one. I had 3 kids (1, 3 and 5) and I’m not a social person. So I felt like I lived and breathed my kids. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I was losing who I was, and knew I had to be a little selfish and do something for myself that I loved. Crafting was it…the blog started as more of a way to promote my Etsy shop (which is now neglected) and blogging has since become a passion and love of mine!

Strangest decoration in your house? Okay, it has to be my coasters. I don’t like change at all, so when my parents redid their house I hated it. They used to have a huge pale tan bar in the kitchen and we would write notes on it and draw murals. When they ripped it out, they cut a square for each of us, and then when they ripped out the wood paneling in the bathroom, they saved this eyeball piece that I had scratched into when i was in high school. What can I say…I’m a sentimental fool.

unnamed (3)

Hardest part about blogging? Oh….It has got to be the people. Sometimes you have to deal with meanies. I recently got a comment where someone accused me of lying in my post because two pictures of my project looked different to her. It happens, and luckily I get to push a magical little button called delete and move on with my life!

Best part about blogging? Oh…it has got to be the people (ha!) I can’t believe the friends I have made, some of my best friends are bloggers! And also the nice comments and emails I get. Sometimes I print them out and save the really awesome ones.

buffalo plaid

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