Sprucing up your bathroom before the holidays doesn’t have to come with an expensive price tag or total bathroom overhaul. Inexpensive upgrades can beautify the space, giving it an entirely new feel.

Below is a list of bathroom upgrades that will enlighten your holiday guests while adding personal flair to your bathroom.

1. Towel warmer

Who doesn’t love a warm fluffy towel after a shower? Towel warming racks come in two different forms. Small, portable units that are versatile and plug into a wall outlet or a wall mounted rack that provides a permanent space to keep your towels warm at the touch of a button. Both are great options that will accentuate your home’s bathroom.

2. Bathroom automatic scent

Enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom by adding an automatic dispensing scent. With many different scents to choose from, the added aroma will spice up the bath space. These compact units can be placed on a counter or mounted on the wall.

3. A coat of paint

Never underestimate a fresh coat of paint! Don’t want to paint the entire room? Add a simple accent wall. An accent wall is a simple way to enliven a space, while giving it a fresh feel.

4. Massaging showerhead

Is your shower lacking high water pressure? Replacing your showerhead is an affordable option when it comes to bathroom upgrades. Enhance your guest’s shower experience with a new hand-held shower fixture.

5. New shower valve trim

Replacing the decorative trim on your shower valve is easy! Many shower valve brands provide different colors, looks, and finishes. You will need to know the make and model of your shower valve, before finding alternative finishes.

6. Smart peel and stick tile backsplash

Peel and stick tile? Yes, please! These adhesive tiles look very close to the real thing. Being easy to install with many different styles to choose from, you will quickly learn why these are so trendy.

7. New faucets

New fixtures can transform the look of your bathroom. Faucets come in many different styles and colors. Adding a modernized faucet will bring a unique look to your space.

8. Wallpaper accent wall

Wallpaper adds an elegant touch to any wall. Don’t feel like adding wallpaper to the entire bathroom? An accent wall is a stylish alternative. Pick a square wall and make the process effortless! If you’re not sure how to hang wallpaper in your bathroom, hire a professional wallpaper hanger to take care of the work for you.

9. Glass shower door

Some people think adding a glass door to the shower needs to be left to the pros. However, many glass doors are designed for amateur installations. Going from a shower curtain to a glass shower door will add dazzle to the bath.

10. Install a recessed shelf

A cluttered bathroom can make a room feel small. No space to add shelves? Install some recessed shelving. By cutting open a hole in drywall, a custom built rack can be constructed. Most hardware stores will cut the wood for you as long as you provide the measurements. Lack carpenter skills? Seek the help of a professional.

11. New hardware

Adding or replacing accessories is an economical choice for upgrading your bathroom. Sparkling chrome hardware adds luster and shine. Decorative bath fixtures are easy to install and provide a look of luxury.

There are plenty of affordable ideas that can instantly and effortlessly elevate your bathroom. Adding some of these elements to your bathroom will deliver a touch of elegance and get the space closer to that spa-like feel.