Airsoft and paintball are engaging and interactive sports and great ways to stay fit while keeping your brain sharp. If you’ve been thinking about getting into paintball or airsoft and purchasing your gear, it is essential to learn how to store it safely. Or maybe you’ve been playing for a while and found that you’ve been amassing an ever-growing gear collection and realized that you need some new methods of storing your equipment. Whatever the case, in this article, we will outline ways to keep your gear so that it stays in tip-top shape and is safely secured.


How to Display and Store your Paintball or Airsoft Gear at Home

Display your Equipment as Awesome Home Decor

A great way to showcase your gear while giving yourself a visual reminder to get out and play is to use it to create a unique home decor piece. Instead of being stuffed away in a gear closet or your garage or basement, coming up with a custom way to hang your gear on a wall in your home allows you to create an individualized display of something you’re passionate about. As a bonus, there will be an extra incentive to keep your gear clean and in great shape, if it’s hanging on your wall for everyone who walks by to see!

You can create a unique wall display in many different ways. For example, you could start left to right and make a grid layout based on the order in which you put your gear on or pack it up. Another option would be to put together a sort of wall-sized person out of your equipment, with your helmet up top, pads and armor below organized in the shape of a human body, etc.

I want to mention here that it would be beneficial to hire a handyman to help install some shelves where you will store or display your equipment.

If you don’t have open wall space within the main rooms of your home, or perhaps don’t have a significant other that relishes the thought of your airsoft or paintball gear openly displayed for guests in your home to see, you still have options. Mudrooms, dens, or basement rec rooms make great spaces for this kind of display without being quite as bold a statement as it would be in the central part of your home.


How to Store Paintballs, BBs, and Pellets

How you store paintballs and BBs can be a significant determining factor in their shelf life and performance. Paintballs are made to degrade over time, so if they’re improperly stored or kept for too long, you’ll notice that they are either no longer useful or won’t have the desired effect when fired.

There are three main factors to consider when you’re choosing the best place to store your paintballs:

  1. Choose a dark place. UV light will cause your paintballs to degrade more quickly, so finding an area out of direct sunlight to store them is important.
  2. 50 to 70°F is the best temperature to store your paintballs. Because both the paint and casings are designed to degrade over time, keeping them stored at a cool temperature helps keep them stable for longer.
  3. Choose someplace that isn’t damp or humid. Humidity will cause your paintballs to swell when they absorb moisture.

Because BB gun rounds are made of metal and do not include gunpowder, there is no legislation around safe storage. That being said, it’s best to keep them stored in a place too high for little hands to reach or locked in a cabinet for safety, as they pose a choking hazard if ingested.


Types of Guns

Paintball guns, also called markers, come in a huge variety of styles. If you’re new to the game, the number of options available can seem a little daunting at first. Below will go over the best types of guns for beginners and what you will be looking to move into as your skills progress.



Paintball – One of the most important considerations for beginners is getting a paintball marker that’s affordable but not cheaply built. Your paintball gun could determine whether you continue with the sport, so finding the right balance between quality and price is critical. The Tippman Stormer series is a great choice to get started and comes in a few different price ranges. 

Airsoft – As with paintball guns, you get what you pay for with airsoft guns, too. Especially in the beginner cure in lower price ranges, a small dollar value can make a big difference in quality. Target your search towards manufacturers with a good overall reputation that provide a full warranty. Something like the Lancer Tactical G2, or a similar choice, is a great benchmark to use to begin your search. 



Paintball – once you’ve been playing for a few years or have gotten really into paintball in a shorter amount of time and played a couple of dozen games, you likely already have a good idea about which brands and styles you prefer. If you’re entirely Bahrain and sure you’ll be playing for a long time to come, paying for a high-end paintball gun could be a great investment for you. However, if you think you want to test the waters with a mid-range paintball gun, there are many options out there for you to shop around.

Airsoft – in the higher-end categories of airsoft guns, they become much more personalized and customizable. Depending on what type of gameplay suits you the best, you’ll likely want to choose an airsoft gun that’s particular to your needs and style. 



Much like regular guns, airsoft and paintball markers need particular care and maintenance to continue performing at their optimal level. It’s a great idea to clean your gun after every use without using soap, chemical cleaners, or abrasive cloths. Ensuring your gun is adequately oiled is another tip that will help extend the life and performance of both airsoft and paintball guns. Your manufacturer will likely have specific instructions for your particular model because it’s important to ensure that your gun is oiled enough, but not too often. Over time, if you have too much oil in your gun, it will build up and trap dust and debris, ultimately hurting the performance of your gear.



Ah, the great gear debate. With so many options available on the market, avid paintball and airsoft enthusiasts tend to have specific preferences and opinions that are fiercely defended. However, if you’re just getting into the game, there are some critical pieces of gear that you’ll need to get started.

  1. Pants – Having a good pair of paintball pants means you’ll be protected while playing from incoming paintballs and diving or crawling. They are technical pieces of clothing designed with ventilation and durability in mind. Not to mention they look pretty slick, too.
  2. Jerseys – Similar to paintball pants, jerseys are specifically made to keep you cool and protected while you’re playing. They’re made of a lightweight material that wicks sweat while protecting you from incoming fire.
  3. Hoppers – also called loaders, a good hopper is essential to playing your best. Gravity-fed hoppers are an option and can be good to get started with. However, as you progress, you’ll likely want to move to an electronic loader for speed and reliability.
  4. CO2 vs. Air – compressed air tanks are a relatively new addition to a paint Ballers arsenal. High-pressure air (HPA) tanks are significantly more expensive than their CO2 counterparts and, for a beginner player, likely won’t make enough difference to be worth the added cost. As you advance, HPA may be something to consider once your skills are more finely tuned.
  5. Magazines – If you’re looking for a next-level experience in terms of simulation fighting, moving from a traditional hopper-fed gun to a magazine-fed gun could be just the thing for you. Magfed guns are their own niche, and each gun will require a specific mag.


How to Transport Your Gear If You are Going to Travel

By Plane

Transporting your paintball gear by plane is probably one of the scenarios in which your equipment is at the greatest risk of damage. We all know that baggage handlers at airports don’t have the time to be incredibly delicate when loading and unloading luggage, so make sure that your gear is packed in a way that’s durable and will protect it through all of the bumps, drops, and drags of airline travel is essential. You might want to look for the nearest luggage storage location just in case you need to keep your equipment safe for a while.

Chances are, if you’re traveling by plane with your paintball gear, you’re going to a competition. You’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into practicing and preparing. Part of that must be ensuring that you have the correct bags and cases to transport your gear. Hard shell cases are by far the most expensive to purchase but also do the best job of protecting your equipment.


By Car

If you’re traveling by car to an event, you have a bit more control over how kindly your gear is treated, but you should still prep it so it doesn’t get damaged by accident. Soft gun cases created especially for paintball or airsoft guns are padded and made of durable material that will protect your gear during car travel. These types of cases are also used for airline travel but aren’t as protective as hard shell cases. The specific type of bags and cases you choose will be dependent on the style of your paintball or airsoft gun and other gear you’re traveling with. Your best option is likely to head into your local paintball store and ask what their recommendations are for protecting your equipment during car travel.


Types of Bags

The debate between hard shell and soft cases generally comes down to price point and what type of travel you’ll be doing. If you’re driving to events, soft shell cases are likely fine as long as they’re well padded. The last thing you want is to arrive at an event just to find out that you have a dent in the barrel of your favorite paintball gun. If it’s within your budget, always go with hard cases for plane travel.

This likely goes without saying, but just a reminder to always ensure that your gun is unloaded and the air tank is removed during any travel.


Discovering the fun and exciting world of paintball or airsoft for the first time is one of those experiences that kind of makes pros jealous of beginners. Similar to introducing someone to a movie franchise or TV series they’va never seen before and watching them fall in love with it, getting into the sport as a beginner is something to be appreciated. So, enjoy the learning experience, get out there, and have fun!