You don’t need to live in the country to enjoy a farmhouse styled room. You just need a few chic farmhouse decor items!

If you love farmhouse style, get ready to be inspired. You can remodel an entire room from floor to ceiling to create a complete look, or just add a few pieces here and there for farmhouse charm. Either way you decide to go, head down to your local thrift shop, antique dealer, or home decor stores to start your search for these eight chic farmhouse decorations.

1. Chicken Wire Cabinets

When you walk into a room, there are certain pieces that help define the style the homeowner is going for. Chicken wire does that for a farmhouse styled room. You can use it in wall art, lighting, seasonal wreaths, and so much more. One farmhouse décor idea that is trending on Pinterest is chicken wire cabinets. Simply replace the glass in a repurposed cabinet with chicken wire, stapling it on the inside of the door over the open frame to attach.  For a less industrial look, paint the chicken wire white.

2. Rustic Shutters

Old, rustic shutters are another great farmhouse decor idea that can be used in many different ways. For a farmhouse bedroom use shutters as your headboard, in the kitchen use them as your window treatments, and in the dinning room create a unique table runner and layer other farmhouse decor items on top. You can purchase new shutters at your local home improvement stores and stain them to look old, or search antique shops and garage sales for authentic rustic shutters.

3. Mason Jar Chandelier

One major item from this kitchen that would inspire anyone to create a farmhouse styled room is the stunning mason jar chandelier. Whether you use them in your kitchen to display your dry pasta, in your bathroom as storage containers, or just decorate with empty ones, there is no wrong way to use a mason jar.

4. Sliding Barn Door

What’s a farmhouse styled room without a barn door? The wonderful thing about barn doors is their versatility. Whatever room you put them in, barn doors help define a living space, and provide privacy so kids can enjoy games, TV, and play time while the adults are conversing in the dining room or kitchen. DIY your own sliding barn door with this detailed tutorial, or purchase a door and barn door roller kit at your local home improvement store.

5. Farmhouse Table

A farmhouse dining room isn’t complete without a farmhouse table. You can purchase farmhouse tables in many different styles, finishes, and sizes, and use bench seating on one or both sides for a true farmhouse look. If you’re really adventurous, you can DIY one using this tutorial.

6. Rustic Storage

Mason jars aren’t the only farmhouse decor idea for storage; wire baskets, wicker baskets and galvanized buckets look great as well. Use any of these storage items in your farmhouse styled room for a finishing touch to pull the space together. Store shoes inside wicker baskets in your entry way, use wire baskets to store pantry items in your kitchen, or use galvanized buckets as decorative pieces to display seasonal items.

7. Wooden Shelving

The trick to giving your shelves the farmhouse look you’re going for is by purchasing shelves that have a rustic, barn wood feel. Or, you can stain pine wood to create a rustic look. Style your shelves with other farmhouse décor items to complete the look.

8. Antique Signs

Rustic signs add character to any farmhouse styled room. Choose signs that have big typography or feature farm animals to really give your space the complete farmhouse look.

Top Image Credit: Brandi Sawyer

Would you style your home with any of these chic farmhouse decor ideas? Which one is your favorite?