A home office is a luxury that everyone should have. What could be more relaxing than a place to plug in and get some work done without having to leave the comfort of your own space? You might think that having a home office necessitates having a spare room. But with a little creativity and some well-placed built-ins, even the smallest nook can become an enviable and beautiful home workspace.

Take a look at these seven inspiring workspaces to get ideas for how to create your own home office. But be careful: you might love your new home office so much, you’ll become an entrepreneur just to work from home every day.

1. Basement Built-In

Some drywall, a built-in bookcase, and a floating shelf transformed this basement nook into a bright and modern home office.

2. Stairwell Study

This surprise workspace makes perfect use of that awkward space under the stairs.

3. Corner Nook

This tucked-away writing desk’s upholstered chair makes it an inviting place to sit.

4. Crow’s Nest

A glass desk and a built-in bookshelf takes advantage of an otherwise unused outlook.

5. Back Door Den

A small-scale wooden table is all this underutilized spot needed to serve as an impromptu workspace.

6. Closet Alcove

A lush rug, a small desk, and a rich coat of paint transform this foyer’s coatroom into a compact office.

7. Kitchen Niche

A low counter shelf in the center of a bank of built-ins makes this kitchen workspace lovely and functional.

Top Image Credit: Charles Vincent George Architects

What would you use a home office for? Share your workspace aspirations in the comments!