Bring the jungle to your home with lush palm tree patterns, pineapple planters

, and vibrant flamingo prints. You can create your own tropical paradise in your home by adding hints of greenery and fruity accents to every corner of your space. Whether you want to deck out your walls with the ever so popular pineapple or turn your bed into a banana leaf retreat, these tropical DIYs are sure to turn up the heat!

If you’re not ready to commit to a jungalow style home, try these seven DIY projects and decorating ideas to get a little taste of paradise!

1. Palm Pillow Cover

A palm leaf pillow in ten minutes, what could be better? See how this DIY palm pillow cover was created by following the step-by-step guide, here.

2. Palm Frond Garland

In two quick steps you can have your very own palm frond garland! Great for a summer decoration or party decor, DIY this garland by covering a few palm fronds in gold spray paint and then sticking the stems through the rope once dry.

3. Flamingo Blanket

Pops of neon green and pink stenciled flamingos perk up this plain drop cloth! DIY your own flamingo beach/picnic blanket by stenciling on flamingos in your favorite paint colors.

4. Banana Leaf Headboard

Bring the vacation vibe into your bedroom by mixing in tropical prints. Get the details on this banana leaf headboard DIY, here.

5. Mini Pineapple Air Plant Holders

Too cute to even consider eating, these mini pineapple air plant holders are made from clay. You can DIY your own pineapple air plant holders with a bamboo skewer and gold paint!

6. Palm Frond Balloons

Add a pop to any party with these festive palm frond balloons! Find out how to decoupage balloons for your next backyard luau by following these easy instructions.

Mary Costa via Studio DIY palm frond balloons

Mary Costa via Studio DIY

7. Pineapple Wall Decals

Pineapples are popping up everywhere. Fill your walls with these fruity decals for a beachy feel from the seat of your home!

What tropical home decor DIY will you be trying? Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: small + friendly