Arrows in home décor may have started out as a trend. But this geometric decoration has gone from trendy shape to timeless icon; it’s glamorous, graphic, and works with any style and in any room.

If you’ve been thinking about adding arrows to your home style, but haven’t narrowed down which idea you love most, then this list might give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for. Check it out, and let us know which one you love the most!

1. Arrow Jewelry Hanger

Are you ready for an adorable arrow DIY that will only set your budget back ten bucks? Make your own arrow jewelry hanger using dowels and gold hardwareTo give the wood dowel a little glow, cover your arrow with gold paint

2. Arrow Floor Pouf

The painted arrows on this sweet pouf were done free hand, but a stencil will work just as well. To pull off this easy DIY, you’ll need duck cloth, fabric paint, and this free pattern from Twin Dragonfly Designs. Voila: new living room seating!

3. Feather Arrow

This decorative DIY is so clever: Just use a pencil sharpener to turn a simple wooden dowel into an arrow. To spruce up your spring and summer décor, embellish your arrow with colorful feathers and bright neon paint. For fall place settings, use wood stain, gold foil, and a dark colored feather to give your arrow a rustic look.

4. Arrow String Art

String art is another decorating trend that’s just too cute to go away. Put arrows and string art together, and you have one fabulous piece of DIY decor.

5. Painted Tribal Accent Wall

Accent walls featuring stencil work are a great focal point for any room in your home. It may look like a lot of work, but you don’t need to be an interior designer to create this effect. All you need is a piece of wood shaped like a triangle and a few simple tools to make a wall that’s rustic, graphic, and absolutely eye-catching.


6. Arrow Marquee

For a strong and sturdy arrow maquee that will hold up over time, use thick pieces of wood for the frame and plywood for the inside. Don’t forget about the string lights for a little bit of bling!

7. Arrow Dish Towel

Arrows looks great in any room in your home, even the kitchen. To get this cute tea towel set, all you need are blank towels and a sharpie. This free printable does the rest of the work!

Top Image Credit: Infarrantly Creative

Which of these DIY arrow home decor ideas will turn up in your home first? Is this a trend that fits your home decor style?