Before you toss out that old dresser, consider breathing new life into it by using a few items from the home improvement store. Some ideas for repurposing your dresser are a quick fix, while other projects may take the entire weekend. Either way, if you’re looking to save money, you won’t want to miss out on these seven clever ways to revamp your set of drawers.

1. Kitchen Island

Turning a dresser into a kitchen island is a genius idea for small spaces. If you’ve always dreamed of having more counter space in your kitchen and have an old dresser sitting around collecting dust, then this project is for you. To extend the top of the dresser’s work space for a larger island, DIY a butcher block counter top using wood, stain, and a polyurethane top coat. You will also want to raise your dresser if it doesn’t match the height of your kitchen countertops.

2. Bar Cabinet

Forget the kitchen island, let’s turn that shabby dresser into a chic bar cabinet! The original design was an IKEA three drawer dresser, which no one will believe when you invite them over for drinks. Using pieces of the drawers from the original design for the cabinet doors and plywood to make a wine rack, you too can easily repurpose your dresser into a fabulous staple piece for your kitchen.

3. Custom Bench

Your friends will never guess that you’re on a tight budget when you repurpose your old dresser into seating that looks like a high dollar custom piece. A beautiful rustic bench like this one would make a great addition to a cottage style living room that needs a pop of color.

4. Bathroom Vanity

Planning a rustic, farmhouse bathroom? Then you need a vintage dresser repurposed as a vanity! The sink and plumbing will only take up a small amount of space in the middle of the dresser, so minimal storage space will be lost.

5. Potting Bench

Repurposing your dresser into a potting bench is a great way to customize its functions to fit your needs. If your dresser is large enough and you have accessible outdoor plumbing, why not put in a sink?!

6. TV Console

TV stands are pretty basic and don’t contain a lot of storage space unless you purchase a big, bulky entertainment center. To have something functional and pretty, simply sand, paint, and repurpose your dresser into a brand new TV console. For the open storage space that contained the top drawers, use three pieces of thick cuts of wood to create a shelf to hold your electronics.

7. Desk

If this desk was purchased at the store, you could have easily spent $200-$300 on it. But, by using an old dresser as the base, plywood for the desk top, spindle feet, and molding for character, you won’t even break $100.

Now that you know repurposing a dresser will save you money, which project will you start first?