Dorm room living takes up almost four years of your life, so why not make it pretty and customize it to fit your style?! Don’t worry, we know that most colleges don’t allow you to use push pins to tack decor items to the wall, so we have found a few creative ways for you to get around that rule. Check them out and get personalizing!

1. Dixie Cup Garland

Everyone is using fairy lights as a simple and fast way to makeover their spaces, but not everyone has cute Dixie cup fairy lights! Wrap the cups with your favorite scrapbook paper prints and colors, plug in the lights and you are ready to dress up your dorm room with a project that took less than thirty minutes to put together!

2. Bright & Fun Temporary Wall Art

When personalizing your bland dorm room, washi tape is one of the best decor items to have in stock. Use it to create your own wall art design, frame free printables, decorate your door, or create adorable washi tape animals, anything goes!

3. Instadesk

Missing all those familiar faces from back home? Get creative with your favorite Instagram pictures, and use them to personalize that ugly dorm room desk. Use removable double sided tape to apply scrapbook paper to your desk, then adhere the pictures to the scrapbook paper, and use plexiglass to protect your photos.

4. Mirror Upgrade

Over the door mirrors are an inexpensive buy and a must-have for college students! However, these mirrors are a little blah and in desperate need of a mini makeover. If your decor style is rustic or farmhouse, this tutorial to give your mirror a live edge look is one you don’t want to miss!

5. Colorful Headboard Makeover

Are you ready to give your dorm room the best makeover it’s ever seen? Well, then you need to head to your local home improvement store and grab a piece of plywood, and ask them to cut it into strips that are the length of your bed, and a few smaller pieces that will be woven through. Then use wood glue and colorful paint to finish it up.

6. Bold Bulletin Board

Why post notes and pictures to ordinary cork, when you can glam it up and create a bold bulletin board that will have your roommate and college friends begging you to make them one too! Cut the cork into a herringbone pattern, paint, let dry, then use peel and stick adhesive to mount your board to the wall.

7. Sassy Stool

When you’re living in a small space, decor items need to be cute and multi-functional. That means a step stool becomes a side table and a spot for friends to sit down. But don’t leave your stool as is, sass it up with a little color dip so it looks like more than just a mini step ladder.

Heading to college this fall, which of these decor ideas will you display in your dorm room?

Top Image Credit: Spark & Chemistry