Arranging a bedroom can be an agonizing task. Between staying true to Feng Shui principles and trying not to obstruct doors and windows, finding a place for your bed can be hardest of all. It may seem like the only place for a bed is against the wall, but these eight beautiful bedrooms beg to differ.

1. Create a built-in feature headboard. It can act as a room divider between a master bathroom and provide useful storage space.

DeForest Zipper House

2. Do your bedroom windows face due east or west? Angling your bed in the middle of a room can create an optimal place to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Lea Sisson Architect

3. Try creating a headboard that wraps from ceiling to floor. It can quickly turn any master bedroom into a cozy retreat.

Alcova Architecture

4. If walls would obstruct a jaw-dropping view, try placing a low profile bed in the center of your room to ensure great sight-lines from every angle.

Sojo Design

5. Moving your bed away from the wall is a great opportunity to create a new focal point in your room. This stunning alternative to a headboard uses light, color and texture to add visual interest.

Lane Williams Architect

6. Stay true to Feng Shui principles by building a sturdy headboard that doubles as a room divider. This gives your bed a solid foundation, which imparts the feeling of safety and security, without having to place it against a wall.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

7. If you have a long bedroom, try centering your bed to make use of an otherwise awkward space.