There’s much to be said for the clean lines and fresh surfaces of a modern bathroom. But these days, we’re feeling far more sympathetic to the texture, ornament, and glamour of a rich room filled with sumptuous detail.

From chandeliers to marble vanities, these seven bathrooms are anything but modern. If you prefer the baroque to the bland and the rococo to the restrained, then you’ll love these rich rooms.

Take a look, and let us know your favorites in the comments!


1. Ravishing Rococo

This ornate cream bathroom blends Roman and Rococo to create a lavish sanctuary packed with rich detail.

House of L - Roman BathroomProject completed by House of L

2. Romantic Retreat

A crystal chandelier, a golden fireplace, and ornate bathtub molding make this master bath an ode to romance.

Debra J Interiors - Romantic Bathroom

Project completed by Debra J Interiors

3. Rustic Riches

With rustic plank surfaces, a tortoise shell basin, and swirling Deco sconces, this lush bathroom is rich with texture and character.

Nail on the Head, LLC - rustic bathroomProject completed by Nail on the Head, LLC

4. Farmhouse Fab

This fetching bathroom’s sweet Dutch-print wallpaper, carved wooden mirror, and painted basin give it audacious charm.

Corley David Interior Designs - baroque bathroomProject completed by Corley David Interior Designs

5. Baroque Drama

Red walls, crystal chandelier sconces, and copious gold leaf will make you feel like you’re getting ready for the ball in this petite but beautiful bathroom.

Berry Construction Group - Antique BathroomProject completed by Berry Construction Group

6. Tuscan Warmth

Warm-toned stone in contrasting textures, classically carved pedestals, and a large-scale oil painting transport this beautiful bathroom to another time and place.

World Wide Stone Corporation - Rococo BathroomProject completed by World Wide Stone Corporation

7. French Royalty

This handsome master bath does lavish on a grand scale: faux-finished walls and fleur-des-lis curtain hooks bring nobility to the last detail.

Stillwater Builders - French Gothic BathroomProject completed by Stillwater Builders

Top Image Credit: World Wide Stone Corporation

Do you prefer modern lines or romantic luxury in your bathroom?