If you work from home, having an office space that is both stylish and functional is key. You need a space that includes all the necessary tools to complete your assignments day in and day out, but there’s no reason why you should give up your decorating style in the process.

Regardless of your décor aesthetic, here’s how to design an office environment that helps boost productivity and motivates you to be more creative.

1. Take your time

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The first step in decorating a home office you truly love is to not rush the process. Creating the perfect office isn’t done in a day, so spend time choosing the best color scheme and finding accessories you’ll really enjoy. Look at pictures of home offices that appeal to you and pinpoint the elements you can bring into your own space. Venture out to your local home furnishings shop or flea market and ask retailers for opinions on your decorating plan. Family and friends can also be great resources for feedback and ideas.

2. There’s power in color

Believe it or not, we respond to color. We can instantly feel a difference in our mood depending on the color of a room. For this reason, it’s always helpful to choose an office paint color that can help boost your energy level. The right shade of yellow, orange, or even red paint are great options for an office. If these colors aren’t quite your taste, try using them for your accessories instead. Also keep in mind that the paint finish you choose—flat or glossy—can impact the environment of your workspace.

3. Stay organized

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There’s no doubt that thoughts flow more freely in an organized setting. To set yourself up for success, try your best to manage clutter. Make sure filing cabinets, organizers for mail and other papers, and a wastebasket of a good size are on hand to keep your space in order.

4. Consider lighting

Depending on the nature of your office, a combination of overhead and task lighting will probably work best. Think about the nature of work you’ll perform in your office. If you read a ton, task lighting might be more important to you. However, if your job requires a great deal of time on the phone as opposed to significant reading and writing, overhead lighting would be just fine.

5. Nature matters

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A small plant or floral arrangement can make your office feel more comfortable. Set one on your desk for a bit of inspiration. If you have a window in your office, position your desk to take advantage of natural light and the beautiful greenery outside.

5. Make it personal

Treat your office as an extension of your home. Just as you might incorporate your favorite family photo or painting in your bedroom or living area, there’s room to do so in your home office space. It’s also not a bad idea to weave in some of the colors you’ve used in other areas of your home. Decorate your desk as you would any other personal space, and be creative!

An inspiring home office is one that includes all the essentials for working and exudes your personal style. Get inspired to improve your current office environment with these simple tips.

Top Image Credit: Graciela Rutkoswki Interiors