With spring on its way, plants and flowers are one of the best ways give your home an instant dose of charm—both inside and out. Plants are an easy accessory choice because they are available at a variety of price points, and their wide variety of hues can complement any decorating color scheme.

Here’s how to incorporate greenery into just about every area of your home, from the living room to the deck.

1. Freshen up your kitchen

Flowers and plants in the kitchen always add charm. Provided that you have ample light in your kitchen, mason jars work beautifully as casual containers for live plants.If you’re into cooking, you can opt to grow herbs like basil or mint for those days when your dishes are in need of a little flavor.  If you’re partial to flowers, place an arrangement of white or yellow flowers on your island or countertop. It’s a simple way of boosting your spirits and showing your appreciation for nature.

Ryall Porter Architects - kitchenPhoto courtesy of Ryall Porter Architects

2. Get a spa-like bathroom

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing colorful blooms in a bathroom. Try a bamboo plant on a shelf to bring a spa-feel to your bathroom’s décor or a single orchid near the sink for a touch of glam. As an added bonus, using plants in the bathroom helps improve air quality.

Foley & Cox Interiors - bathroomPhoto courtesy of Foley & Cox Interiors

3. Polish your home office

Bud vases are the perfect option for an office, because they’re compact and still exude tons of style. Place your favorite stem or succulent in a bud vase and position it on your desk for an elegant effect. Or, cluster a few designs together on a shelf to make more of a statement. Keep in mind that mixing is important when clustering flowering plants. There’s no fun in having multiples with the same kind of shapes or textures.

Inman Co. - officePhoto courtesy of Inman Co.

4. Bring the tropics to your living room

Whether your living room space is small or large, palm leaves always looks chic and have a way of giving a room a relaxed, tropical touch. You can place your palm in a living room corner to ensure it stays out of the way, and keep in mind that they should be far from air conditioners or heaters so they’re well protected. Also note that there are a variety of palms, so read the care information for the kind you’re interested in to make certain you are purchasing the best option for your space.

bossy color | Annie Elliott Interior Design - palmPhoto courtesy of bossy color | Annie Elliott Interior Design


5. Brighten your deck

Every deck calls for some potted plants or flowers to give it a warm feel. The key to outfitting a deck is to use containers that suit the space–whether that’s an assortment of different styles and sizes, or a uniform pair to lend symmetry and balance. If you’re going to be entertaining frequently, think about purchasing plants, like lavender, that give off a beautiful aroma. Scented, brightly-colored plants give a deck a relaxed vibe that’s great for all seasons.

Ag-Trac Enterprises - deckPhoto courtesy of Ag-Trac Enterprises

Top Image Credit: bossy color | Annie Elliott Interior Design

What are your favorite ways to decorate with plants? Do you love freshening a space with flowers, or do you prefer to keep it clean?