Looking to add color to your patio, porch, or deck? You’re in luck, because this season, color is easy to find.

Highly saturated colors look best in full sun and it’s easy to add pops of brightly hued colors with pillows, rugs, and furniture. Pairing your furnishings with complementary flowers and planters will help round out your overall color palette and help create that outdoor oasis your yard needs. While it’s easy to see why many of us choose to decorate our outdoor spaces with color, there’s another perk about using bold colors outdoors: they may be easier to keep clean. Whites, creams, and other light colors can quickly show the type of mess you find outdoors like dirt, sunblock stains, food spills, and plant debris. To keep your colorful outdoor fabrics looking hot all summer, make sure you brush away dirt or store your cushions in a covered area if you are expecting rain or are heading out of town. Clean off grease or oil spills as soon as possible as grease can attract bacteria, which can eventually break down the fibers.

Here are some great places to find bold outdoor furnishings for your yard this season.

1. Artistic elements with mosaic tile

West Elm is known for its refined neutrals and modernists pieces. If you’re averse to having too much color, this is a great place to find outdoor goods with just a hint of design and pattern. The durable hand-inlaid ceramic tiles and FSC-certified hardwood base make this a sturdy outdoor piece (which is also offered as a bistro table). Geometrical patterns add a dynamic and artistic touch to an otherwise simple and functional design.

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2. Classic upholstery

Who says color has to be bright oranges or pinks? Classic blue and white look fabulous outdoors, especially when you mix up your patterns and shades. This blue and white collection from Ethan Allen is a play on the traditional nautical-inspired colors and looks fresh on the porch, patio or deck. When purchasing outdoor furniture, make sure you look for cushions, pillows or rugs that compliment the design and are built to last. Experts advise buying the matching covers along with the furniture – this will ensure your furniture will last season-to-season.

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3. A splash of color on the balcony

This Nardi Zic-Zac Self-Storing Spring Set from Wayfair is colorful, durable, and perfect for adding an eat-in area in your yard. The folding design makes it just right for small outdoor spaces like balconies and decks. The chairs and tables are made from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene (plastic) so it’s lightweight and easy to maintain. The table can also be attached to a wall for easy storage.

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4. Exotic accent lighting, day or night

Cost Plus World Market has always been a great resource for string lighting and paper lanterns, and this season they’ve brought back some of their popular hanging lanterns. They currently have a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and colors that can lend an exotic ambiance to your next outdoor party. It’s easy to add color to your backyard by hanging these lanterns on a hook or branch or placing them on the table. Use small tea light candles or faux candles and light up the night with this collection.

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5. Bring indoor comfort outside

The Oasis Modular Seating collection from Room&Board aims to bring the coziness and comfort of indoor sofas and lounge chairs outside. Designed as a mix-and-match set, the armless chairs and ottomans are offered in 13 different shades and can be configured in a variety of ways. The material is from Sunbrella and made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, meaning that it is easy to clean and won’t fade in bright sunlight. In fact, you might find this to be a great collection inside the home as well.

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Top image credit: Harold Leidner Landspace Architects

Do you love color in your outdoor space? How ready are you for summer entertaining?