If you’ve ever envied a home for its distinctive architectural details, ceiling beams have probably made their way onto your wish list. Appearing across architectural styles from rustic to modern, exposed ceiling beams can add personality and set the tone for a room or for your whole home.

You may think that ceiling beams have to come with a house. But if you’re in love with the look of ceiling beams, great news: you can have decorative ceiling beams installed in any style home. Although some styles of houses may have exposed structural beams, the majority of the beams you see in modern houses are completely decorative.

If you’d like to have ceiling beams in your home, follow these five tips so yours will look gorgeous for years to come.

1. Highlight your best features

Beams can be added to most ceilings, but vaulted ceilings almost beg for this addition. Beams also draw the eye upward, taking advantage of the extra space that higher ceilings afford. This effect can also be used to draw attention to other architectural features such as a tall fireplace, high windows, or columns.

2. Complement your style

Unlike a piece of art or other temporary décor, beams are part of the house, and should be designed and installed to look as though they have always been there. Raw wood in one room and painted in another can work, but beams should be similar size and pattern throughout your home. They should also compliment the house’s style: if your house is decorated with midcentury furniture, polished Tudor-style beams might look a little strange. Choose a style that suits your home, and you’ll love it well into the future.

3. Call in the pros

Although it is possible to DIY ceiling beams, a professional job is worth the investment. If your goal is for your new ceiling beams to be a feature of the house, then the quality of the woodwork, paint, and trim needs to stand up to scrutiny. In addition safety needs to be a top consideration when installing anything overhead.

4. Make it a focal point

Dark beams on white ceilings create a bold statement, making rooms feel polished and rustic at the same time. Bold ceiling beams can be used to give rooms a more intimate feel, which makes social areas more welcoming and bedrooms more cozy. Exposed beams also pull your ceiling, an area of the home that’s often meant to be overlooked, into the design scheme, making your home’s style truly cohesive.

5. Complete the look

Exposed ceiling beams can be combined with other features such as natural or painted wood paneling for a united design look. Accents such as beadboard, stamped tin tiles, patterned wallpaper, ceiling medallions, or bright colors in textures such as pearl and gloss can be combined with coffers and beams for maximum impact.


Do you love the look of exposed ceiling beams, or would you rather keep your ceilings simple?